The “Trump Effect” Prompts Rise in Holiday Bookings to the Far East


Sales data from luxury travel brand eShores has revealed a significant boost in bookings to almost every country in the Far East after President Trump took office.

According to data released by eShores, bookings to the Far East have risen by 43% compared to the previous period. This is by far the largest increase in bookings in the past four years.

After years of growth, bookings to the USA have dropped by 8% this year, while trips to Canada have increased by 165%.

Bookings in the following locations have seen huge increases in the period following Trump taking office:

  • Bookings to Malaysia have risen by around 36%
  • Holidays to Vietnam have risen by 97%
  • The number of people travelling to Thailand has risen by 20%
  • Bookings to Cambodia have risen by 31%
  • Flights to stopover locations Hong Kong and Singapore have also risen in this period by 63% and 71% respectively

Hong Kong, Singapore and Vietnam had all seen bookings fall before the American election, suggesting a clear correlation between the new president and the rise in popularity.

The Trump Effect?

Gavin Lapidus, co-founder of eShores, had this to say: “We’ve seen a huge rise in the popularity of holiday bookings to the Far East, especially compared to the four-year period preceding the election of Donald Trump.”

“The controversial immigration and airport security measures that we’ve seen implemented since Trump took office – not to mention his recent statements – seems to have knocked the confidence of many travellers. This has had a palpable impact the number of people opting for the Far East and Canada over the USA for a holiday.”

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