If Visitors To Your Hotel Website Were 100 People…

Triptease Video

The team at Triptease have crunched their vast data sets to analyse the trends of 100 ‘typical’ visitors to a hotel website, presenting it in a stylish infographic video;

Some interesting highlights;

  • Channel split – Of 100 visitors, 52 would be browsing on a desktop, 37 on phone and 11 on tablet. Interestingly, desktop still appears to dominate, although for many hoteliers we’ve spoken to recently, mobile has started to edge ahead in terms of traffic. When it comes to revenue, desktop tends to lead the way; for example a recent 80 DAYS Benchmark study for London’s 5 Star Hotel Market suggested 77% of total revenue originates from desktop, 11% from mobile and 12% from tablet.
  • Conversion – A massive 64 out of 100 will leave your website without even visiting the booking engine, highlighting the importance of having very clear calls-to-action and a book-direct incentive to avoid leaking bookings to OTAs. According to the data, just 2 out 100 (2%) will convert to a booking, reflecting the results of recent studies.
  • Motivation – Perhaps helpful with offer-planning, 14 out of 100 visitors search for a weekend stay compared to 4 searching for mid-week. One would suspect this varies for city and country properties, with city properties tending to have a higher percentage of corporate business. Just 1 person out 100 search for a week-long stay, with 14 out of 100 searching for a single night stay. While having a range of long-stay specials is still important, with 14% of your traffic searching for a single night, consistent rate parity becomes essential to convert the direct booking.

Watch the full video above for further fascinating insight on how hotel rate parity affects your website conversion!

80 DAYS Benchmark
80 DAYS Benchmark
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