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4 Social Media Essentials Any Hotel Can Use

4 Essential Social Media Strategies Any Hotel Can Use

Boutique hotels can find it tough to allocate resources to not only maintain, but also grow social media accounts. With a small team, running the social...
Social Media Trends Hotels Need to Be Aware Of

4 Social Media Trends That Hoteliers Should Pay Attention To

Social media has earned its place as a hotel marketing tool. Now that you’ve adopted social, the way forward is about maximizing its value at...
Twitter Hotels

7 Top Twitter Tips for Hoteliers

By now it’s no secret that social media is an invaluable sidekick when it comes to building a brand and engaging with customers. And...
Evolution of Hotel Chatbots

The Evolution of Hotel Chatbots (Updated)

Updated, May 2017: According to consulting firm Activate, 3.6 billion users will be using messaging apps to connect with friends and businesses by the end...
Twitter Hotels

Twitter, Hotel Concierge, and The Connected Traveler

Not that long ago, a vacation used to mean unwinding and unplugging; turning off work emails and living in the present. Even as recently...
4 Essential Checks Hotels Facebook

4 Essential Checks for your Hotels Facebook Page

After your hotels official website, it's Facebook brand page is probably one of the next most important digital platforms, and offers a great opportunity...
Use Hashtags to Target Guests

How Tourism Businesses Can Use Hashtags to Target Guests

Hashtags are essentially a free advertising tool. When they’re used properly, you can reach hundreds of potential customers on platforms like Facebook and Twitter. But...
Apex Hotels Social Media

Apex Hotels: why social media isn’t just another sales channel

As this Year’s Edinburgh International Festival drew to a close social media lit up as patrons and locals captured in glorious social detail the...
Hotel Social Media

The Value of Social Media Infographic (Shire Hotels)

It would be a brave hotelier that hasn't embraced social media in this day and age. Shire Hotels haven't just embraced social at a...