Saturday, October 24, 2020

Hotels Embrace Smart Technologies To Win Back Guests

Air travel has begun to tick up and hotel occupancy rates have doubled since reaching lows in April. Americans are on the move again, but as travel resumes, it has a whole new...

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Free Report: Understanding Traveller Intent

In the third of our Cutting Through The Noise series of reports we surveyed the opinions of over 3,000 hotel guests, gaining unique insight...
Hotels Versus AirBnB 2020

Airbnb vs. Hotels: Who Is Winning Over the Industry in 2020

Both hotels and Airbnb are in a tussle to get back up after the effects of the pandemic Since the inception of Airbnb in 2008,...
Digital Journey For Hotels

The Importance of a Digital Journey

The hotel business is one of the most representative examples of the omnipresence of customer service, this service is without a doubt, the central...
The Delaney Hotel

How To Completely Transform Your Hotel Lounge

The guest experience in a top Boutique Hotel is not complete without the hotel lounge. Usually the lounge area is one of the first...
Local SEO Tips For Hotels

Off-Page SEO: Link Building and Local SEO Tips For Hotels

For any business, understanding how search engines function and rank content is essential to maximizing your reach and visibility. For hotels, search engine optimization...
Hotel eSports

The World’s Best eSports and Gaming Hotels

Whether it is the Formula 1 Championship going digital for a few months, sourcing new drivers from its eSports series, or live eSports tournaments...
Author Pablo Garcia

Hospitality 2.0 Or The Role Of Innovation In The Post-Covid Hospitality Industry

In the twenty-first century, the hospitality industry has gone through a substantial transformation with innovative technological solutions. With the rise of awareness of the...

Co-Founder of GuestJoy, Annika Ülem, on the Future of Hospitality

What are your experiences within the industry in the past few months? It was a strange time. We have seen a lot of hotels closing....
Hotel Recruitment

Best Hiring Practices for Hospitality Businesses

Hiring someone to work in your hospitality business isn't as simple as completing a satisfactory interview. It would help if you made sure that...
Hotel Safety

Safety First During COVID-19 Includes Existing Precautions

The coronavirus pandemic has impacted many people and businesses. With the virus able to spread easily to people from both symptomatic and asymptomatic carriers,...
Hotels Environmental

How Hotels Can Reduce Their Impact On The Environment

Each year we seem to be facing harsher and harsher consequences from the climate crisis - and the public is increasingly aware that something...
Travel Tech for Scotland

Scottish Tourism Receives Hi-Tech Boost to Help Smooth Road to Recovery

A new organisation launches today (Tuesday) to help Scotland’s beleaguered tourism sector make a sustained recovery driven by technological innovation. It will build a support...

Win A Ticket To The Direct Booking Summit Berlin!

Hotel Speak has partnered with Triptease and the Direct Booking Summit EMEA in Berlin to offer one lucky reader the chance to win a...

Identifying Customer Needs Is Key To Any Reopening Plan

As restrictions begin to ease more and more in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the hotel industry is slowly reopening and re-emerging to...


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