Robotels – could robots change the future of hospitality?

Robotels, Robots in Hotels

It’s an exciting time for hospitality and emerging technologies. Android/iOS wearable gadgets look set to allow you to check in with a wave of your wrist. Metasearch solutions are becoming increasingly accessible for smaller and independent hoteliers, allowing them to compete on a level playing field with OTAs. Hotels are starting to use Google Glass to provide enhanced concierge services. Technologies are evolving rapidly, and then there’s robots. Robots?!

New research by US based hotel management research company, Software Advice, would suggest that 31% of those surveyed are excited by the potential of robotic room services and may even choose a hotel based on their adoption of robotic technology.

It’s still early days and the pioneers, such as the ‘Botlr’ launched by Aloft Hotels in August this year, are pushing the industry forward with live examples, but it certainly seems like more regular use of robots in hospitality could become a reality.

“I see this as an enhancement to our customer service”

Brian McGuinness, Starwood Hotels

Read more about the study below;
[slideshare id=41180569&doc=hotelrobotserviceindustryviewslideshare-141105171938-conversion-gate02]

80 DAYS Benchmark
80 DAYS Benchmark
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