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Use Geo Targeting On Your Website To Grow Direct Bookings

As cost of customer acquisition cost continues to grow a hotel has to use all their assets much more efficiently. Websites play a big part in this and it is one of the biggest resources which can be fine-tuned for continuous growth.

Instead of showing the same content to everyone move to a dynamic model. Typically no matter where the website visitor comes from everyone sees the same content and offer. However, segmentation can lead to better results. Segments allow for better targeting of content. You are able to show more relevant offers and content which leads to better conversions.

Think of it as market segments in revenue management. Building segments allow you streamline your rooms and pricing strategies. You know each segment behaves differently so the strategies reflect that and the results are different from each segment.

Here is’s home page which is doing segmentation based on geo location. Based on my location it shows me cities close to me. I am in Vancouver, Canada.


Hotel Tonight also offers Geo Targeting within their app. They also show it to the user of the app that it is a Geo Rate. The Geo Rates are shown based on location of the app user. The hotel has an option to provide a further discount to their audience based on the location. As the user is close to your location the probability of booking increases.


You can add Geo Targeting to your hotel website as well. It will allow you to segment and deliver offers on your website visitors. And, it will lead to same results. Better context means better results.

Geo Targeting in action at Adrift Hotel in Long Beach, WA for website traffic coming  from BC, Canada.


Making the offer available on multiple devices is also important as shopping behaviour can start on any device.


Apart from segmenting the offer you also have to have the right messaging in the offer copy. For example, traffic coming from Vancouver when shown an offer that is specifically for them and mentions that in the copy it leads to higher engagement.

This is just one way to segment the audience when thinking about targeting on your website. Have you tried Geo targeting or any other type of targeting on your website?


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