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5 Tech Trends for Hoteliers in 2017

Technology for the hospitality industry is always improving to create a seamless guest experience. These are five tech trends we predict will see growth and implementation in 2017. We have also included some ways in which you can incorporate these trends for your property.

1. Artificial Intelligence

Many accommodation providers are using artificial intelligence to automate certain aspects of their business. This ranges from administration, customer support, and guest queries. These chatbots help suggest helpful articles, or help prioritise customer questions. They can also automate mundane and repetitive tasks, and enhance operational processes and workflows with A.I. apps. This leaves time for more guest enhancing experiences.

Tip: There are A.I. apps that function like a personal assistant. These can help prioritise your tasks or emails for the day.

2. Sensors to Conserve Energy

Floors embedded with sensors will be one of the emerging technologies in 2017. It will allow accommodation owners to track usage patterns at different times of the day, and in different temperature environments. The data can then be used to conserve energy in less used spaces. Reducing resource usage will reduce operational costs, and create a more profitable business.

Tip: You can incorporate something similar by using sensor lights in areas that aren’t highly frequented.

3. Wi-Fi Capable

With many travellers traveling with at least two personal devices, the demand for free and fast Wi-Fi continues to grow. There is also an increased demand for high-speed connectivity. Upgrades to connectivity in the hospitality industry will continue to develop this year, due to the rise of in-room entertainment like Netflix and YouTube being provided.

Tip: You can offer free Wi-Fi in exchange for a signup to your email database.

4. Mobile Accessibility

People are accustomed to accomplishing tasks directly from their phone. This includes booking accommodation, and engaging with you over social media or email. As more platforms become mobile optimised, more users are relying on having mobile accessibility. There will be big developments and implementations of mobile check-ins and the integration of key cards with mobile devices, for keyless entry into rooms.

Tip: Start by optimising your website for mobile accessibility. Make sure it is easy for them to book with you via your mobile website.

5. Cloud Computing

2017 will be the year that the hospitality industry changes over to cloud based computing systems. The hospitality industry predicts an investment in new technologies for 2017. With the low startup and operational costs, cloud based systems are increasingly popular. Upgrades to the Property Management and Customer Relationship Management systems, are on the cards. Having a cloud based system means you can access your software anywhere, even on the go! This will make for a more seamless guest experience for the entirety of their stay.

Tip: Go Cloud-based!

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