Friday, February 23, 2024

TripAdvisor Ranking Success Seen with Cendyn’s Guestfolio Review Collection Clients

Recent findings from TripAdvisor and Guestfolio, part of Cendyn Hospitality Cloud, have brought to light the success of TripAdvisor Review Collection Partnerships for hoteliers. Using this technology, TripAdvisor identified that 74% of hotels using Guestfolio maintained or improved their TripAdvisor ranking position since starting Review Collection, and over 10% of those clients now occupy the No. 1 ranking in their region.

As a Review Collection Partner, Guestfolio enables hoteliers to engage with their guests using the channels that works for them. The integration allows guests to post reviews straight after completing a survey and seamlessly synchronise with their login details. This in turn provides the tools for guests to communicate and share their feedback with hoteliers in the ways that work well for them.

The Review Collection integration also plays a role in the popularity index algorithm – where quality, quantity and recency of reviews all count towards a hotels’ ranking. It was seen that on average, review rating collected through Guestfolio was higher than the average review rating collected organically, with 72% of hotels increasing their average bubble rating since starting Review Collection.

“Through actively obtaining reviews via post-stay emails, Guestfolio clients have been able to capture the opinions of guests who were very satisfied with their stay but may not have been inclined to go through the process to post a review” said Duane Hepditch, SVP Product Marketing at Cendyn. “This has contributed to the higher average rating of jointly collected reviews and allowed hotels to enter into a virtuous cycle of improved ratings that provide better visibility on TripAdvisor.”

TripAdvisor captured around 1.1 billion visits during 2016, or around 390 million visits per month, representing an 11% share of the travel industry’s top 100 sites in the US. This hugely powerful tool has been seen to play a big part in decision making when it comes down to booking. By using Review Collection Partnership with Guestfolio, hoteliers are systematically requesting feedback from their guests and enable them to enter a virtuous cycle of improved ratings and better visibility on TripAdvisor which, in turn, encourages better visibility for future and/or repeat guests.

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