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Europe’s Leading Booking Engine, Avvio, Integrates with RateGain Channel Manager


Avvio, Europe’s leading booking engine, has now integrated with the RateGain channel manager, RezGain, to improve efficiency and revenue for accommodation providers.

AvvioHoteliers and other accommodation providers who partner with Avvio will now be able to manage their accounts and bookings easily and efficiently by making use of the new RateGain Channel Manager integration.

RezGainAccommodation providers will be able to manage their inventory pricing and restrictions on RezGain and send them to Convert by Avvio, Avvio’s premium booking engine. They can also pull reservations, modifications and cancellations from Avvio Convert into RezGain. In short, everything is integrated and organised in the same place, so it’s easier for accommodation providers to manage their bookings with minimum stress and confusion, and without having to switch back and forth between different pieces of software.

Frank Reeves, Avvio’s CEO and co-founder, says the partnership will have a positive impact on clients: “Accommodation providers are tight for time and we’re constantly striving to find new ways we can make their lives easier, while improving their direct booking revenue. Integrating with RateGain’s channel manager, RezGain, means Avvio clients can save time and effort managing their channels, while still boosting their revenue using our Convert booking engine. They get the best of both worlds.”

Likewise, Sameer Sinha, Global Head of Sales at RateGain, says, “RateGain’s partnership with Avvio will further reinforce our common objective of increasing bookings and revenue for hotels. This robust, seamless, two –way integration between our channel manager and Avvio will empower hotels with real time rate and inventory changes; along with giving them access to over 600 channels to diversify their presence and help build a robust distribution strategy; ensuring that our clients always stay sold out.”

In a world of constant digital evolution and ever-shortening consumer attention spans, it’s more important than ever for accommodation providers to keep their guests’ booking experiences as quick and seamless as possible. Industry leading software providers, Avvio and RateGain, help their clients to achieve this efficiency in both a back-end and client-facing level.

More about RateGain

Founded in 2004, RateGain is the cloud-based software provider behind RezGain. Aside from their expert channel management system, RateGain also provides organisations with rate intelligence, price optimization, seamless electronic distribution and brand engagement.

More about Avvio

Avvio is the premium booking platform and digital agency for hotels and serviced apartment providers. Founded in 2002, Avvio has grown year-on-year by developing cutting-edge technologies that enable accommodation providers to drive outstanding growth in direct bookings, while reducing their dependence on online travel agency channels. Find more at

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