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Hotelchamp Launches Innovative New Platform to Boost Hotels’ Direct Bookings

[PRESS RELEASE] Hotelchamp launches a brand new platform designed to give hoteliers access to smart technology and data insights in order to help boost direct bookings.

Amsterdam, June 13th, 2017 – Hotelchamp has announced that after two years of development they have launched a brand new direct booking platform set to innovate how hotels can boost their direct bookings.

The new platform will provide data and performance insights to help hotels refine their website strategy. The new platform offers a whole range of new technology including an extensive tools template library, designed by Hotelchamp’s team of conversion specialists, containing dozens of ready-to-use guest-engaging tools. These tools can be easily activated in a few clicks and have been proven to help optimise a website’s performance. This new design comes with the aim of providing hoteliers stronger support in reaching more direct bookings and a healthier balance in their distribution.

Kristian Valk, CEO Hotelchamp commented: “The Hotelchamp platform has been crafted to give our customers more control over our smart technology and have access to great new data insight. The direct booking platform is a great complement. Added to the existing smart technology and team of experts, it creates a powerful solution with multiple aspects to help businesses stay competitive in a fast moving market, it is an important step towards hoteliers independence”.

Hotelchamp New Direct Booking Platform


Hotelchamp platform functionality

Tool Library

There is a full tool library with templates already designed and available in four languages.

Customisation of tools

The platform enables users to customise tools to suit their branding and website strategy.


The platform enables users to specifically target visitors with precision. Users are able to easily select a particular audience in order to show a specific offer or message.

Data Insights

The platform contains data insights of the hotel website, booking engine and tool performance, enabling the user to adapt their direct booking strategy based on the insights that it pulls from data. It also provides information about the hotel website visitors such as whether or not they are returning customers, the devices they use and where they have come from.

The website provides hoteliers with groundbreaking technology designed to enable them to monitor performance and to tailor their marketing strategies. Customers are able to view and monitor their websites in real time using the new user friendly platform which has been designed to be simple to use. The new platform is available from today to all customers.

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