Thursday, June 13, 2024

How Can Hotels Use Social Media To Personalise Their Booking Experience?

Like it or not, social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram have become mainstream communication tools for businesses… and for those operating in the leisure, travel and tourism industry, things are no different.

Social platforms versatility offers brands the chance to personalise their customer experience. Their vast memberships offer brands the chance to capture huge audiences. And their evolutionary nature allows brands the chance to experiment and refine their marketing.

For hotels, social media can be utilised for both bad and good. Take the wrong approach to social and you can seriously harm sales. Take the right approach and you can develop long lasting customers that are loyal to your business for life.

And that’s the problem… how do hotels, particularly smaller chains, know when they are taking the right approach?

With this question in mind, we published a report that explores:

  • How a variety of brands tackle social media for good
  • The dangers social media poses to the modern hotelier
  • The future of hotel social marketing

Click here to view the report

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