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Business Travel Greatly Improved By Leisure Activities – Findings From #BTS

GetGuided is on a mission to help everyone get more out of every business trip. Since our mission unsurprisingly led us to the Business Travel Show (#BTS) in London, Europe’s largest specialised event for business travel professionals, we decided to take the opportunity to do some totally unscientific but seriously fun research. So, we asked 165 attendees one simple question:

“When was the last time you had fun on a business trip?”

We got some fantastic responses, and found people really engaged with the question, especially given the industry’s increasing focus on business traveller experience, productivity, and wellness. Of our respondents, 74% had stories of fun to share, with a small but still impressive 5% confirming they fit some form of fun/leisure into every business trip.

So much to do, so much to see

43% mentioned exploring a new and exciting place. From experiencing the rich culture of New Orleans to taking it easy on a beach in Mykonos, our respondents fondly recalled visiting local attractions during their breaks whilst on business trips. Amsterdam and London stood out for many as their most memorable destinations, with Berlin and Singapore close behind.

Growing part of respondents shared exploring a new city with a local friend, or organised tour to be a personal highlight. In every case, respondents felt the experience was made more rewarding by the local stories they learned.

Once in a lifetime

20% of our respondents focused on unique activities as fun highlights. A safari in Namibia and a visit to an owl café in Tokyo were some of the most interesting experiences the respondents shared with us. Most mentioned local art and culture, with a few focused on sporting events.

Better together

A significant number of the respondents, at 17%, saw business trips as perfect occasions to establish and build relationships with their colleagues while also having fun in the process. In many cases, companies arranged dinners, social nights out and parties for their employees. Some, however, truly went the extra mile: we heard stories of a gin masterclass, a day of zip lining and kayaking, as well as a MasterChef-style cooking class, all organised by their employer. These companies’ efforts were noted and appreciated: such activities not only provide a chance to relax and enjoy a fun evening after a hard day at work, they also bring teams together, creating stronger bonds between workmates and promoting a more productive work environment in the short term, and higher productivity and retention in the long term.

Taste the world

10% of respondents reminisced indulging in a new cuisine, from a genuine Turkish meal in Istanbul, to afternoon tea in a Paris museum. Some spoke of French and Italian wine tasting events.

All work and no play?

“Business travel is never fun”. “I never have any time to have fun on business trips”. These responses were in the minority, but we did get them. We’ve undertaken another research study correlating policy compliant travellers and their total focus on work during business trips – and the potential correlation to declining productivity and wellness in these travellers. We’re speaking with corporate travel managers across Europe to get more insight into this issue, and look at ways to offer out-of-the-ordinary local experiences as perks for these road warriors. Because a happy business traveller makes for more successful businesses, and a happier world. And couldn’t the world do with a bit more happiness these days?

GetGuided helps companies find unique experiences and local tours by verified providers for their clients and employees. For a full list of destinations and experiences offered, visit

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