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Blue Explorers Resorts Saving the Planet One Piece of Plastic at a Time



Throwing open its doors on the 1st of May to its first of five new, Blue Explorers Resorts on the island of Gran Canaria. its founders, David Clivet, Greg Wixted and Caroline Jackson are committed to sustainability and their obligation to the environment, and the community.

Blue Explorers ResortThrough careful consideration of the effects that operating systems, materials, and purchasing policies have on the environment, the business will continually develop new initiatives and procedures to minimise its ecological impact that support the preservation of nature and cultural heritage, and enhancing social and economic benefits to local communities in destinations where Blue Explorers Resorts operates.

Plastic products banned on resort are straws, cups and bags in both its resorts and dive centres, and guests are emailed pre-arrival and asked respectfully that they do not bring products on resort that contain plastic micro-beads, that they keep the use of plastic bags in their packing to a minimum and to always tie any bags in several tight knots before disposing of them.

Guests are also asked that the plastic holders around any soft drinks or beers that are bought outside the resort have the plastic cut or torn into pieces, not just discarded whole. The resorts use eco-friendly cleaning products, and toiletries that are Ocean Friendly are provided in glass bottles are topped up throughout the guests’ stays.

Co Founder, Caroline Jackson states “You have to love what you do, love meeting new people and welcoming returning guests and divers, year after year, enjoy seeing divers and snorkellers experience their forays into our beautiful underwater world. But to ensure that this amazing opportunity to see under the oceans year after year we have unswerving commitment to our utmost to preserve, protect and rebuild these fragile environments for future generations.  Working to be as sustainable as we can, and encouraging our guests to follow suit is a lynch pin of our business.”

“Tourism is one of the worlds biggest industries. Since the 1980s the number of international travellers has increased almost three fold, from approximately 240 million in 1980 to roughly 700 million. This figure is expected to double again by 2020. The limits of the natural, social and cultural resource base, which constitute the fundaments of tourism, will be unable to cope with the continuing tourism growth unless we do something about it”

At every touchpoint guests will see how this sustainable mantra is woven into the resort. Leading the charge is chef Jonathan Flannery who loves his planet too, so he tries to source produce to cut down on food airmiles by using local fruit and vegetables grown on the Canary Islands as far as possible. All the fish on the menu is line caught and bought from the local fishermen on the quay or at the local fish market – naturally only using species that are sustainably fished.  Chef, also a diver, meets all the fishermen and has been out fishing with them to familiarise himself with their fishing practices in the Port of Mogan.  The eggs are local free-range and our cheese is from Canarian suppliers. He believes in supporting local business, farmers and producers and is doing his bit to support a local sustainable economy. And to maintain the sustainable planet friendly ethos, all food packaging used on the resort is biodegradable and products made of plastic are kept to a minimum.

The resort only uses Eco-friendly cleaning products and the 14 diver inspired apartments are stocked with locally sourced and Aloe Vera, toiletries and guests are encouraged only use Ocean Friendly sunscreen during their stay.

Energy reduction is another area the resort believes in and they don’t use air conditioners but have fans in all the apartment rooms.  The electricity is from renewable energy generated by wind farms.. The Canary Islands are committed to creating 100% renewable energy wind farms and the first island, El Hierro, is now 100% powered by these!  Guests are encouraged to turn off the lights and televisions, and housekeeping will dry clothes in the sun before using the resorts dryers

The Blue Explorers Resort staff genuinely believe in the mission and business aims and to demonstrate this they regularly take part in beach and ocean clean-ups and encourage their customers to also take part. – As they say to all guests  “Be sure that you never, ever leave anything on the beach except footprints in the sand” and this is reiterated on signs dotted around the resort and in welcome packs for guests.

Blue Explorers Resorts are looking to join forces with a global charity and action group so that we can play an even bigger role in keeping the oceans clean and raising funds and awareness in our little piece of the ocean! For more information checkout our dedicated resort website

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