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Evading Monopolies, Blockchain and Futuristic Journeys Headline EyeforTravel Europe


London, U.K – With the objective of seizing the lost profits that mark an age of online monopolies, one event in just under a month aims to restore maximum ownership over revenue and data.

With a fighting attitude that tells the travel industry to not give up, EyeforTravel Summit 2018 covers real use cases, not just theory, including:

  • A niche OTA that uses the API model to get maximum ownership of its profit and data
  • A company that only pays for 7% of its traffic and only receives organic traffic from Google
  • Old school models that still work and evade the claws of the online monopolies.

To see the full agenda and speaker line up, follow this link

It doesn’t stop there though. The event is supporting ground-breaking blockchain sessions aimed at both the enthusiasts and sceptics. Insights from an air taxi incubator, the private vs. public blockchain debate and discussions over bitcoin in travel are being covered in detail.

The event will also host a Blockchain: Who Cares? workshop delving into the real impact blockchain technology could have on our industry.

All aspects of the futuristic customer journey will also be thrown into the mix from voice-enabled search to AI-powered marketing and the loyalty that comes with this.

What Great Minds will be there?

To name a few…

CEO – Trainline
CTO – Contiki
Principal Data Scientist –
GM – Northern Europe, Airbnb
Chairman – Rome2Rio
SVP Corporate Development – Booking Holdings
Chief Digital Officer – The Travel Corporation
CEO – WorldHotels

To download the full brochure, follow this link

The event takes place in London on June 4th, 5th and 6th. For the full story, get in touch with the Event Director on details below:

Leo Langford
Event Director
+1800 814 3459 x7158 (US)
+44 (0) 207 375 7158 (Global)

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