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Do’s & Don’ts Of Social Media For Luxury Hotels

Social media for hotels can be difficult, and so, so subjective. Can you post about alcohol? Christmas if in certain countries? can you post pictures of guests or staff? What should you post in the first place? When we talk about luxury hotel marketing, it can get even more limited, despite being a pleasure to do. Let’s look at a few do’s and don’ts of social media for luxury hotels.


One of the biggest no-go’s of luxury marketing is being perceived as pretentious, and using UGC (user generated content) is an ideal way to overcome this. All social feeds benefit from humanisation, so use your guests’ posts as content wherever you can. Don’t forget to engage with all comments, check-ins, and guest posts, too.

Luxury hotels are nice. Obviously. So, show off why people stay with you – your amazing facilities, location, and beautiful rooms. Showcase the glamorous décor and comfortable experience guests enjoy. Try showing the full guest experience: from the airport pick-up, to a room tour and courteous check-out.

Everything should be rosy and relaxed, always. Look at the best hotels on social media (for example, The Dorchester, Lanesborough), and you’ll notice their content and captions are both colourful, enthusiastic, and friendly.


Negativity will naturally be avoided on social, but particularly in the luxury hotel segment, it’s important to avoid any words with a negative connotation, or any sentences which connote any form of negativity. The exception to the rule is how negative reviews should always be responded to appropriately.

There are several luxury hotels posting poor images. They shouldn’t be using stock photos or blurry images. Zoom in on images to ensure you’re posting high quality content, and triple-check all typology. Social media is an opportunity to convey your brand, and is a face of your business, so don’t make it an ugly one. On a similar note, some hotels may wish to avoid mentioning prices directly, or posting about discounts.

Like I said at the beginning, being pretentious is a big face-palm for luxury hotels. Even if 90% of your guests do speak like The Queen, it’s crucial your social media is appealing to the wider audience which comes naturally with social media. Be relaxed, comfortable and charming, yet professional, in your posts.

I hope you find this article useful, and please let me know your thoughts in the comments. You can find our bespoke social media management work here, and our eBook on social media management, here.

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