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Create Evocative Travel SEO Content To Get More Bookings

Effective travel content paints beautiful pictures, inspires emotions, and makes people want to dive into new experiences. One of the keys to getting more bookings at your hotel is creating evocative travel SEO content that makes people take action. Discover how to harness the power of words and images to climb up the search engines, reach your target audience, and generate more leads.

MTEs Have the Power of Persuasion

Tapping into memorable tourism experiences (MTEs) is a way to enhance SEO. MTEs can be used to enhance SEO with keyword-rich content that improves brand loyalty, boosts conversions, and increases CTRs.

Emotion-evoking content resonates with readers, encouraging them to book the vacations they always dreamed of – or return to a venue they enjoyed in the past. Hotels that provide an outstanding experience can use content to remind former visitors of fun times they had there. And by understanding MTEs, brand loyalty can be established before a traveler experiences the hotel.

Putting Memories at the Forefront

MTEs are vivid, flashbulb-type memories that last a long time. According to more than ten years of research, MTEs influence future behavioral intentions directly and indirectly. This means hotel digital marketing campaigns and branding efforts begin before the traveler ever leaves home. Pleasurable memories start with a dream to experience something. Start the journey with colorful descriptions and panoramic images to pique the traveler’s imagination.

Whisk travelers along the road to the hotel, showcasing all the opportunities for total satisfaction. Use the seven key components of MTEs to create exceptional imagery that makes travelers want more, including:

  • Hedonism that focuses on fun, fantasy, and sensory delights including food, wine, and luxurious amenities;
  • Novelty experiences with an opportunity to indulge in unique sights, cultures, and customs;
  • Local culture immersion excursions where travelers closely see the region in positive ways that create treasured memories;
  • Knowledge through participation in an array of activities that explore their talents and give them a chance to show off what they already know.
  • Involvement so tourists feel involved in the vacation in the ways they wanted, based on their expectations and the memories they wanted to make;
  • Meaningfulness in the journey, giving travelers a sense they did something extraordinary and discovered new things about themselves; and
  • Refreshment from the usual routine with tours, events, and adventures that make travelers feel liberated.

How to Use MTEs for Better Travel SEO

Increasing the depth of the experiential engagement sets travelers up for positive experiences that increase the chance they will return to the hotel to do it again. The process begins by referencing the MTE Scale for Ideation then conducting keyword research to find the traffic and opportunities. Every destination has one-of-a-kind opportunities, such as historical monuments, local performers, and county fairs. Use these niches to develop an experience hub that engages travelers.

Focus on the excitement of MTEs, using experiential phrases and words such as once in a lifetime and romantic. Choose keywords based on traffic, competition, relevancy, and emotion. Pepper these keywords into your travel SEO content, titles, and meta descriptions. Content created using MTEs and well-researched keywords is most likely to perform well with search engines and travelers looking to book the right hotel.

Notice Early Returns

Based on research performed by Galileo Tech Media, the use of emotion-evoking language in subject lines for email marketing generated 24 percent more opens. And evocative calls to action resulted in 42 percent more conversions on lead-generating marketing campaigns. Using words that trigger emotions and MTEs increases your potential for higher click through rates for improved SEO and conversions.

Tell the story of the destination and everything it offers tourists to enhances the anticipation of travel experiences. Use rich and evocative content to influence the way people feel before, during, and after a vacation. The journey is filled with incredible memories travelers want to share and recreate. The marriage of MTEs and SEO sets the stage for brand loyalty, lead generation through referrals, and repeat business.

Hotels can put these powerful travel SEO strategies to work immediately. First, conduct keyword research to determine the target markets and niches. Then create unique, engaging content based on MTEs that inspire a positive emotional reaction. Use keywords in the content, titles, and meta description to attract the search engines and your target audience. Embark on a journey of sight, sound, and magical memories with travelers to get them to book vacations now – and in the future.

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