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Top 30 Mobile Marketing Stats For Hotels In 2019

In the digital age, mobile has a profound impact on the way customers behave. As we highlighted in a recent article, mobile has completely changed the way people interact, shop and travel. It’s crucial that hoteliers and serviced apartment operators understand when and how guests are using their smartphone during their journey to be able to offer a seamless guest experience.

To help you meet the needs and wants of the modern guest, we have compiled a list of the top mobile marketing statistics you need to know.

Mobile usage and travellers’ behaviour before their journey
    • 352.9 billion mobile app downloads are expected worldwide by 2021 (Openkey)
    • 11% of all individuals use a smartphone every few minutes and 41% use a smartphone a few times every hour (Forbes)
    • 85% of international tourists have a mobile device with them whilst travelling (eHotelier)
    • 76% of travellers say their smartphone is the most important travel companion (Openkey)
    • 74% of guests would use the hotel app if their favourite hotel would have one (Criton)
    • 70% of travellers with smartphones have done travel research on their smartphone (Think with Google)
    • 54% of leisure travellers and 69% of business travellers said that usability issues and limited functionality on mobile are the main reasons for switching to book on another device
From planning to booking
    • 42% of people globally have booked a hotel on a mobile device (
    • 70% of last minute hotel bookings are made on mobile devices (Intelity)
    • Hotel app and other hotel technology influence the booking decisions of 70% of travellers (Intelity)
    • By 2022 more than a third of European supplier-OTA bookings will take place via mobile websites and apps
    • 91% of people would like the ability to choose their hotel room as they would a seat on an airplane (I-AM)
At arrival: check-in and digital key
    • 56% think that is acceptable to wait 2-5 minutes to check-in at reception (Criton)
    • 62% of guests would be likely or very likely to check-in to a hotel via an app (Criton)
    • 65% of guests are online within 7 minutes of checking into a hotel (Roomzzz)
    • 47% of people use their mobile devices first for finding interesting spots, events and restaurants when away from home (GuestRevu)
    • Hotels’ use of mobile devices as room keys had a sizable two-year increase, moving from 6% in 2016 to 17% in 2018 (AHLA)
During their stay
    • 95% believe the hotel has a responsibility to introduce them to local culture (I-AM)
    • 80% of customers make additional purchases when they undergo a positive experience with a company (Accent)
    • 57% of travellers feel that travel brands should personalise guest information (Google/Phocuswright)
How guests want to engage
    • 51% of travellers expect to communicate via messenger of text with travel brands and 33% expect to via social media (
    • 74% of guests appreciate hotels/resorts that customize messaging and offers (Zebra Technologies)
    • 88% of guests want a mobile app which allows for a personalised experience (Oracle Research)
    • 77% would like to request room service and other hotel facilities through the use of their mobile (Oracle)
    • 83% guests want hotel service promotions on their mobile devices (Hotelogix)
    • 18% increase in room service orders via mobile apps (QikServe)
    • Using mobile apps to access hotel services is more popular than it has ever been, up from 35% in 2016 to 40% in 2018 (AHLA)
Loyalty and after their stay
    • 52% of millennials want to manage loyalty on their mobile devices (Oracle)
    • 56% are loyal to brands that demonstrate a deep understanding of their priorities and preferences (Wantedness)
    • 79% of customers only consider shopping with brands that show they understand and care about them (Wantedness)

This post originally appeared on the Criton website and is reproduced here with their permission.

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