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EDINBURGH, April 29th 2020 – Hotel marketing agency 80 DAYS launches a new online benchmarking service to help hoteliers compare their website and digital marketing performance against competitors and the industry.

As a business invested in supporting hospitality partners with real insight, 80 DAYS first developed the benchmarking tool for their clients at the beginning of 2017 and later extended the service to non-partner hotels.

As the community of hotels using the benchmark grew (now more than 500 hotels across 50 different countries), the team developed a dedicated Hotel Benchmark website to make the data accessible to all hoteliers serious about making the most of their digital channels.

“If hotels want to get more returns from online, having a baseline to measure results against and industry average or competitors is essential, especially for independent hotels”, said Mark Forrester, Chairman of 80 DAYS. “The Hotel Benchmark website allows users to create an account and generate monthly reports for their hotel/s, compare bookings, visitors, revenue and more” he added.

Hotels subscribing to Hotel Benchmark can enjoy a free monthly report. A Premium option is also available, giving hoteliers access to advanced metrics, historical benchmark data and the ability to select a custom competitor set.

Hotel Benchmark’s Coronavirus Dashboard is also providing hoteliers with a reliable source of data in the middle of the growing Coronavirus pandemic. While the hotel industry continues to face global disruption and marketers face tough decisions about their online presence and digital campaigns, hoteliers can stay informed and be ready for when demand returns by monitoring the daily updated dashboard at https://www.hotelbenchmarking.com/covid-19/.

It’s hoped that by utilising the dashboard’s data hoteliers will be better placed to monitor live performance for signs of an inevitable upturn, once restrictions upon travel are eased.


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About Hotel Benchmark

Hotel Benchmark incorporates the data from over 500+ hotels worldwide, allowing marketers to compare their hotel’s website and digital marketing performance against competitors and the industry as a whole. Claim your free monthly benchmark report at www.hotelbenchmarking.com

80 DAYS Benchmark
80 DAYS Benchmark