Hotelchamp Initiates Contactless Donations To Support Hotels


With the impact of COVID-19 being felt worldwide, there is huge sympathy for hotels and restaurants, especially from locals and loyal customers. Hotelchamp wants to help give their industry an extra boost with Tap to Donate. Tap to Donate enables hotels and restaurants to easily promote and collect contactless donations from their guests in a safe and friendly way. Guests can see this donation as a form of tipping for great service during this hard time.

What is Tap to Donate?

Tap to Donate is a donation device that accepts contactless donations from all payment cards (Mastercard, Visa, Maestro, Amex) and smartphones (Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay). There is a fixed donation amount, so all that guests have to do to donate is tap to pay. The donations go straight into the bank account of the hotel or restaurant. No delay, no invoicing, no commission.

Hotelchamp is partnering with Moodus to arrange the hardware, reporting, support and worldwide shipping.

What are the costs?

  • €0.99 per day covers the hardware, promo board and customer service (€361 a year, upfront payment)
  • For €50 customers can personalise their promo board design
  • A fixed amount of between €0.25 and €0.28 (depending on the country) per donation goes to bank and payment costs
  • The rest of the donation amount goes straight to the restaurant or hotel

Interested in getting started with Tap to Donate? Order here.

Why does Hotelchamp provide this service?

Hotelchamp’s mission for more than 5 years has been to support hotels to run a healthier business by boosting direct revenue and reducing dependency on OTAs. The vision with Tap to Donate is exactly the same, the only difference is that we’re providing physical tools alongside our digital ones.

Click here for more information about Tap to Donate.

This post originally appeared on the Hotelchamp website and is reproduced with their permission.

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