Vacation Anxieties Quelled; There Must Be a Better Way to Unwind!

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Rise and shine. Yes, it’s only 7 am on this vacation but you need to get a spot at the pool, before it’s too late! Think about how many of your dream vacations have started this way. As night falls, you set your morning alarm just to snag chairs at the beach, then you ask yourself, “what time is early enough?” Just when you thought you’d get some welldeserved R&R, you rise late to get breakfast, only to pass by the already-bustling resort pool at 9:30 am!

What kind of vacation is that?

All year you worked, saved and dreamed of a warm sun tropical vacation with not a care in the world. Time off from work, time together as a family, or with friends celebrating a special birthday. Every moment was looked forward to with great excitement. Even the resort chosen was done with great care and carefully planned travel arrangements were made. It is only after all the dreaming and planning that you realize on each trip, regardless of where in the world you were, you had to strategize to make sure you had a place to sit at the pool or private beach. You remember waiting in line for beach chair rentals, trying to figure out if loungers with wet towels were still in use, dragging chairs around the pool deck trying to cobble together enough for a group to sit near each other…

To make matters worse, aside from the stress of knowing this was likely to be an issue each and every day of the trip, in recent years, it has been noticed a lot of the guests around you were not overnight hotel guests – but day pass purchasers, many with better seats than you had! Your reward for spending hundreds, if not thousands of dollars at the resort was to battle for prime seating with day pass users paying $25-50 to lounge all day in the same luxury.

There has to be a better, more fair, more efficient, smarter way to vacation. Ever heard of Solay?

About Solay

Solay is a mobile application through which hotel guests can reserve pool and beach loungers and cabanas in advance, whether months beforehand when they are planning their vacation, days before their stay, or during their hotel stay. Through use of the solay app, guests will no longer face the stress of the morning “chair dash,” and will not have
to compete with day passers for loungers at the pool and beach. Resorts will be able to better curate the guest pool and beach experience by designating reservable zones, and tracking reservations and guest flow, both in advance and in real time. The result is a better pool and beach experience for all. Learn more at

About Resort Technologies, LLC

Resort Technologies, LLC, is a San Diego-based technology firm founded in 2019 to develop innovative technology solutions in the hospitality space. Most notably, the company focuses on addressing inefficiencies in the market of resort guest experiences. With the launch of their first product, the solayTM app, resort guests can effortlessly make advance reservations of poolside and beach lounge chairs and cabanas at resorts, completely avoiding the hassle of unreserved seating. In keeping with its mission to enhance the guest experience, Resort Technologies gives a portion of every reservation back to nonprofits engaged in environmental conservation and ocean restoration. The company will be announcing new features to the solayTM app along with continued development plans for hospitality technology solutions in the future. Sleep in, your seat is set.

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Amanda Abbott
CEO & Founder


80 DAYS Benchmark
80 DAYS Benchmark
A global application-based technology inspired by a demanding market. Providing a means for Hotel & Resort registered overnight guests to reserve poolside & beachside loungers at a safe distance through a contactless mobile app, in real-time or in advance. The Solay App removes the hassle, stress & uncertainty of unreserved poolside and beachside seating from the guest experience.