6 Basic Things Your Hotel Must Offer Its Guests

Hotel Basics

Whether you’re preparing for the staycation season brought on by the latest crisis or gearing up for a full summer season of guests, being a hotel owner comes with huge responsibilities, now more than ever before. If you’re wondering just what it is you need to offer guests who choose your hotel, read on below for a few basics that they can’t do without. 

Safety and Security

For many, a hotel is their home away from home, and even if it isn’t, your guests have every right to expect adequate safety and security when they stay in your hotel. Many hotels now focus on different profile security, such as extra security for women staying alone, children, and the elderly. You need adequate security in place, especially in light of the crisis that is going on now. 

Reliable Internet (Best if Free)

Surveys have shown that guests give preference to hotels that have reliable internet to offer them. They give even more preference to hotels that provide free internet. It’s especially important to offer super reliable internet if you are a business hotel. For some, free internet access is the most important thing, especially if they have to work while staying with you as a guest. 

Comfortable Beds

At the end of the day, a hotel serves one very basic need for its guests. That need is a place to lay their heads when the day is done. Whether it’s a single, double, queen, king, or daybeds in the sitting area with nice daybed covers, it better be comfortable, clean, and well-maintained. There’s no easier way to lose business than putting guests in a room with a lumpy mattress, worn sheets, and uncomfortable blankets. It’s also a good idea to place the bed where it gets the best circulation for your guest’s added comfort. 

Adequate Lighting

As in most homes, the ambiance provided by lighting is important in hotels as well. This seems to be an issue in many hotels and encompasses the bathroom and the room itself. Providing good lighting in the room not only gives a perception of quality but also allows the guest to feel more secure at the same time. 

A Nice, Clean Smell

When entering a hotel and then the room, the first thing a guest notices is how the room smells. If the room smells musty or has a bad smell, you can pretty much guarantee the guest will not be back for a repeat stay. Stale, stinky carpets can create an impression that the room and the hotel itself aren’t very clean. Keep your rooms clean, shampoo your carpets regularly, and spray air fresheners daily for the best results. It is best to avoid flowery fresheners, however, because you can never be sure what your guests might be sensitive or allergic to. 

Food that is Simple and Tasty

When offering food at a hotel, you want it to be simple but tasty as well. Things such as a hot breakfast can really enhance a guest’s experience while staying in the hotel. In recent years, a hot breakfast that tastes great has become less of a plus and more of a must for travelers. If you don’t offer this at your hotel, you might want to look into it as soon as possible. It’ll make your guests happy and can only improve your business at the same time.

These are just a few of the basic things that hotels must offer their guests, especially if you want your business to grow. A room that smells musty and stale, uncomfortable beds, and lighting that is inadequate can easily lead to bad reviews and a guest that won’t be back. Don’t let this happen to you and the hotel you run.

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80 DAYS Benchmark