How to Improve your Hotel Experience With Gifts for Guests

Hotel Gifts

Running a hotel can be hard and getting the marketing for your hotel right can be even harder. It’s important to know that the guest experience doesn’t begin and end with the customer checking into and then checking out of their room. If you want to have guests remember your hotel and stay with you again, you need to give them something to remember your lodgings by. 

Hotel guests want to be taken care of in the most memorable way. If you’ve ever read reviews of hotels, the ones with the most stars are usually the ones where the staff went out of their way to make the guests feel comfortable and there were plenty of extras to be had. In this blog, you’ll find a few of those extras you might want to give to make your guests stay memorable and them coming back for more. 

Make Sure Your Concierge Service Is Spot On

The hotel experience starts with great concierge service. A well-versed concierge not only helps the guests navigate the hotel, but also helps them navigate the attractions in their city. This help includes finding the best restaurants, getting discounts on the city’s activities, and giving recommendations for the best things to do in the city as well. If your hotel doesn’t have a dedicated concierge, then train your front desk staff to be friendly and knowledgeable as well. 

Don’t stop there! Have a basket set up at the front desk with customized candies or key chains. You can even throw in a few coupons, such as WSS coupons or promo codes, so your guests can get discounts on products (such as shoes) online. Any type of coupon or promo code that gives the customer discounts on items after their visit will be remembered fondly. 

Stock Up on Toiletries for the Guests

Of course you’re going to provide toiletries for your guests; any hotel is going to do the basics. One up the competition by stocking only the best toiletries in your hotel rooms. You’re going to want to keep razors, shampoos, body washes and the like in the rooms, just in case your guests forget theirs. It also doesn’t hurt to keep promotional pens and umbrellas in the rooms as well. Umbrellas will come in handy for an unexpected rainstorm and a guest that didn’t prepare for that eventuality. 

Offer Free Drinks and Snacks

The mini bar is often avoided by travelers because of the price of a drink and a candy bar. That’s where a bottle of water and a free candy bar left in guests’ rooms can come in handy and ensure your guests that you care about their comfort and needs. Every guest likes a complimentary item, no matter how small it is. Take this thought into consideration when you’re setting up rooms for guests. Whether it’s a promotional item or a candy bar on the pillow, guests will remember your kindness. 

Offer Small Tokens During Checkout

Whether it’s a mint with the hotel logo on it, a pen, or even a pad of hotel stationery, giving the guests something to remember you by during checkout will bring them back often in many cases. Remember, it’s not the gift itself the guest will remember, it’s the thought behind giving it. 

These are just a few of the gifts you can give to improve the hotel experience for your many guests. Not only does this help with your marketing through word of mouth, but it also brings back the customers that have been loyal to you from the beginning. 

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80 DAYS Benchmark