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Hottest Boutique Hotel Themes in 2020

As the country begins to open up again and people are chomping at the bit to travel, you may find that the more intimate and unique lodgings are the perfect way to go. 

Not only are hoteliers expected to emerge from COVID-19 stronger than previously thought, those providing a unique and inviting atmosphere are almost certain to succeed.. Here are some examples of these hot and chic hotels.

Themed Rooms

This type of hotel allows you to have a very different experience every time you stay. You might find yourself in the Wild West room, or the Under the Sea room. Maybe you fancy a bit of the future, or you want a room that is all about cars and racing. These themed hotels with their themed rooms certainly make staying there a lot of fun.

Throwback to a Simpler Time

Old Victorian-era homes are often made into bed and breakfast establishments because of their massive size, number of extra rooms, and homey qualities. Many of these B&B establishments will stay true to the period in which they were built. The finer of these hotels often include antique furniture in the lobby as well as throughout the establishment. The general feeling is one of a bygone era with lots of elegant touches and comforting decor.


Who wouldn’t want to stay in a magnificent suite bigger than one’s house and decorated so lavishly that Elvis would have loved to sleep there? That is exactly the idea behind some of the world’s most beloved boutique hotel chains. Rock and roll and music in general play a very large part in the decor of the entire hotel as well as the rooms and suites themselves. Pick a more affordable room and you will be no less surprised by what you find. Pick the top tier room on the top story of one of these hotels and be absolutely blown away by the full-sized grand piano and the full bar as well as the furniture that is so comfortable you may never want to leave your room.

Foreign Lands

If you can’t give your beloved Paris or Venice, give him/her the next best thing. A boutique hotel that models all of its rooms after real sites and places in faraway lands. This is not as cheesy as it sounds, especially when the hotel spares no expense to make everything as lovely and inviting as it can. If you plan far enough in advance, you can spend several nights in “Paris,” “Venice,” “Rome,” and several other famous cities from around the globe all in one location.

Famous Movies

If you love movies from the silver screen and the Golden Era of Hollywood, then this type of boutique hotel is right for you. Every stick of furniture and every bit of wall decor is true to a particular and famous movie franchise. This could include Batman or James Bond. Pick your favorite movie room and book it.

Hotels of Fright

A new, now, and “fresh” boutique hotel theme focuses on horror. Sometimes the hotels are built into places that are purportedly haunted. At other times the hotels intentionally hire employees to spend their time frightening and terrifying the guests as part of the attraction. Whatever flips your lid will be sure to appear here.

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