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How To Completely Transform Your Hotel Lounge

The guest experience in a top Boutique Hotel is not complete without the hotel lounge. Usually the lounge area is one of the first areas a guest encounters when they arrive for check-in, and often helps to create the online hotel presence across social media as guests snap their first impressions. All Boutique Hotels should aim to have an inviting, memorable space for their guests to want to return to time and time again. If you’re feeling lost about your hotel lounge, don’t worry! Read on for some hotel lounge tips.

What is a Hotel Lounge and How to Improve It

A hotel lounge should be a safe, comfortable space where guests can come to pass time or get work done. Let’s say you have a guest who is waiting for a business partner to arrive for a meeting. They can sip on a beverage in the lounge while they wait, idly flipping through magazines or watching television while their phone charges. Once their guest arrives, they transition to where they can comfortably have their meeting without fear of interruption. The hotel lounge should resemble a haven where the guest feels comfortable enough to engage in a variety of activities, doing so as they please. So, how do you turn a basic, perhaps mediocre, lounge into a comfort oasis?

5 Ways Any Hotel Can Improve Lounge Aesthetic:

  1. Invest in Comfort and Hotel Safety: When furnishing your lounge, high-quality pieces may seem superfluous but you’ll thank yourself when you don’t have to lose money on replacement pieces every couple of years. Safety is always a priority for guests (especially in times of Covid-19), and some guests weigh safety reviews heavily when choosing accomodations. Ensure that your lounge has high-quality, durable, easy-to-clean furnishings that allow for longevity and adequate sanitation.
  2. Refreshments: Ensure your lounge provides access to refreshments at all times. You want guests to feel as though they can spend extended periods of time in the lounge, without wandering out in search of food or drinks and into the arms of your competition. Also ensure the refreshments are of consistent quality! If you provide high-end refreshments one month, you want to keep with this in order to avoid guests feeling like they missed out the next month, and then not returning.
  3. Provide Essentials: Any top hotel lounge wouldn’t be complete without inclusion of necessities that are important to its clientele. People are constantly using their devices for work and pleasure, so the hotel lounge needs to accommodate any needs that may arise. It’s important to have high-speed Wi-Fi, plentiful outlets and charging stations, and a couple of desktop computers for guests to use when they do not have their personal devices on-hand.
  4. Sectioning: A hotel lounge should be welcoming to guests with varying agendas. Creating separate sections within your lounge where guest can work, dine, and relax provides options that make guests feel at home. Each section should have furniture that corresponds to the ideal use (e.g., comfortable couches and benches in the relaxation area).
  5. Interiorscape with Nature: Finish off your hotel lounge with pieces that remind guests of nature and outdoors. Fireplaces, greenery, and signs of life, such as a large fish tank, add to the charm and attractiveness of the space while helping guests to feel a sense of relaxation and rejuvenation. Utilizing plants to create division in the space also creates privacy and helps reduce toxins from the air.

Why You Should Improve Your Hotel Lounge

Your hotel lounge is a key player in creating an everlasting impression on your guests. Improving your hotel lounge to create a more cohesive, clean environment for guests to mingle and create new experiences is vital for sustaining returning customers. In the age of social media, you want your hotel guests to feel comfortable enough in your lounge to take photos, share videos, and essentially be marketing your hotel in real-time by actively sharing their experiences in an aesthetic, welcoming space.

Take Pride In Your Hotel Lounge’s Transformation

Revamp your boutique hotel lounge to create an enjoyable experience for your guests. An overwhelming sense of pride should be felt as you wander through and see guests spending their time relaxing by the fire or sipping a hot coffee while working on a hotel-provided computer. While large, flashy improvements can create an immediately noticeable difference, it’s also important to keep up with more subtle updates as time goes on to continue creating a welcoming environment. Guests will continue to return to your hotel if they feel the value exceeds the price point, and putting effort into your lounge is a great place to start. Follow the simple tips above to keep your lounge up-to-date and watch your revenue continue to grow!

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