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The Importance of a Digital Journey

The hotel business is one of the most representative examples of the omnipresence of customer service, this service is without a doubt, the central core of this industry. Higher ranked hotels are presumed to have an exquisite and attentive customer care, aiming to keep this long tradition of serving each guest with the best attention possible.

The Hospitality industry and, more specifically, the hotel business has never before been linked to high technological investment and proactivity. However, during the last fifty years, the market witnessed the adoption of technology that proved itself necessary across time like Property Management Systems or Booking Engines along with the influences brought by the internet and online services.

COVID-New Normality

In the strange and unprecedented times of a global pandemic, we got to grips with a new concept – the new normal . This interesting concept has driven us to implement new behaviours and conditions that everyone has to apply on a daily basis, including hotels.

Different sanitary measures affect different people and hotels, according to their main occupancy. As expected, almost all hotel personnel are at high risk due to the high level of contact with the guests.

The use of masks, social distancing and hand soaps instantly became part of any day-to-day working environment. Hotels need to adapt to this new paradigm if they want to survive across time. How can this be done? Technological innovation.

HiJiffy Messaging

Digital Journey

Going a step further in order to adapt and therefore survive is key. Hotels that knew how to quickly adapt new technologies in order to overcome all the challenges created by the pandemic situation are the ones that will thrive.

A digital journey means essentially, implementing through technology, all those processes and bureaucratic activities that in the past were done face to face. In-person check-in & check-out, buffet breakfasts, or even talking with the receptionist face to face are a thing of the past. Technology solutions like HiJiffy allow hotels to perform all of these activities through instant messaging services like WhatsApp or SMS, all connected and integrated into a centralised communication platform, where the hotel can take care of every single question, query or booking.

From a guest perspective, all digital services provided by the hotel are beneficial. It is all about convenience and comfort. Not having to call, go to reception but instead a question or request through WhatsApp makes life easier, safer and overall, convenient.

Implementing solutions to avoid direct contact, and always committing to social distancing is fundamental. The consequences of having a virus outbreak at a hotel would automatically mean closing. Tasks performed face-to-face like the check-in, check-out or booking different services now have to be done in different ways.

Hoteliers have different options available which would clearly differentiate them from competitors. Having your guests receiving an automatic welcome WhatsApp message the day before their arrival, with a link to an online check-in form, providing them with all of the information needed, makes a difference. Allowing your customers to book hotel services like a massage, table in the restaurant or a transfer by simply sending a message is a win-win.

The key is to continue providing the best customer experience while committing to social distancing. Services like HiJiffy even allow hoteliers to run marketing campaigns within the network of guests, offering them room upgrades, special offers and specific recommendations, taking hotel service one step further.

A messaging system implemented in the hotel with the guests, though popular texting services like WhatsApp or SMS, is making a difference for those hotels investing in such a system. There are many more things where this new communication system is unique.

Asking for those key online-reviews or offering check-out service to avoid crowds at the lobby, all can be done in a very effective and easy way.


To wrap things up, it’s time to change, or better, adapt. Any hotel willing to survive will have to be updated. The customer is the most valuable asset of a hotel and therefore its comfort, security and overall safeness.

Having a communication platform, integrated with the hotel that allows the guests and incoming potential customers to make queries, bookings, and questions through their favourite messaging channels, is indispensable.

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