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Revolutionizing Hospitality Experiences with Touchless Technology

As the travel and tourism industry gears up for business, hoteliers are reimagining ways to prioritize hygiene standards and contactless services for arriving guests. Covid-19 proved to be the turning point that accelerated the adoption of contactless technology as demand for safer physical touchpoints for both guests and staff saw a surge. It is, therefore, no surprise that experts in the industry are re-defining service delivery, and “touchless hospitality” is the future.

Touchless check-in and check-out are some of the priorities guests are looking at to keep away from those crowded front desks. As guests turn to online sources to make their reservations, hotels need to invest in more versatile methods of booking through dedicated booking engines or online distribution channels. Hotelogix pioneered this fundamental change on a global scale with a remote digital concierge system that is designed to seamlessly manage end-to-end operations contact-free. With contactless options for check-in/out and touchless services for reservations, we have prioritized safety for both guests and staff without compromising on the integrity of the system – that is connected centrally through cloud.

Hoteliers, as well as B2B hotel tech solution providers, are beginning to realize the real tech revolution in hospitality is not just limited to guest-facing needs. The need of the hour for the travel and tourism industry is to leverage a thoughtfully curated integration of touchless technology and superior service for continued success. Hotelogix tapped in on this stagnated need for innovative digital solutions. From sales to support, the team remotely connects with hoteliers across the world.

Transition to a world-class PMS with easy setup and training from dedicated engineers- all from the safety of your hotel. Get certified to use the software with our training executives available remotely or use our state-of-the-art Automated Coaching Engine (ACE) to guide, train, and support your staff in an interactive easy-to-understand way. Experience the technology first-hand and earn credits that you can redeem on your subscription. With a 15-day free trial, Hotelogix also supports independent learning and empowers you to make an unbiased buying decision. Our team of competent solutions experts is available round the clock to help with the seamless integration of the PMS.

The evolution to touchless technology is not new or a one-time deal. Hotels may be faced with decisions about how much technology to adopt- the best way would be to choose a solution that encompasses all needs and has a lasting positive impact on the guest experience. One thing is for certain there may not be a “return to normal”, but there is a “new normal” one that is possibly better.

About Hotelogix

Hotelogix is a pioneer in innovative hospitality tech solutions like touchless hospitality. Hotelogix provides a robust, remote, cloud-based Hotel PMS that helps hoteliers automate and manage end-to-end hotel operations with practically zero contact. Hotelogix also assists small and medium-sized properties to grow, increase revenue, and enhance their online reputation.

Hotelogix’s Hotel Management System is being currently used in 100+ countries. Known as the world's easiest Hotel Management System to get started with, it enables hotels to migrate to the cloud in just a minute

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