Wednesday, May 22, 2024

RoomPriceGenie Launches GenieIntelligence; Revenue Management by Email

RoomPriceGenie, leading providers of revenue management solutions for small and medium-sized hotels, have launched a new way of doing revenue management. Using email.

By taking their years of experience from providing solutions to hundreds of clients, RoomPriceGenie have been able to synthesise their knowledge into providing a self-setup automated pricing optimisation service; a product that is unique in the hotel tech space. 

Intended as an entry into the revenue management space for small hotels, or as a check on current pricing for more sophisticated ones, GenieIntelligence delivers high-value key action points to increase revenue, by email every morning.

GenieIntelligence delivers high-quality optimised prices based on market conditions, current bookings and available rooms. A huge volume of data is distilled into a small number of actionable and highly profitable insights. Taking just two minutes to set up, GenieIntelligence can work using only a sign-in, meaning that it has no problems with integration. 

Scott Dahl, Professor of Revenue Management at Les Roches Hotel School calls it a ‘gamechanger’:

“By providing timely, actionable pricing recommendations without adding any work to their already busy days, Room Price Genie’s GenieIntelligence product is a gamechanger for small, independent hotel managers.”

Supported by their launch partners, hotel technology companies RoomRaccoon, Guestline, RMS Cloud and apaleo, RoomPriceGenie is bringing their GenieIntelligence product to hoteliers globally starting today.


6 reasons to use the GenieIntelligence email:

1. You will save time that you would have spent looking at competitor prices trying to work out what to do.

GenieIntelligence looks at both competitors and the big hotels in your area, adjusting for your hotel characteristics, to get a perfect comparable price for your hotel every day. This is a smart way to look at all competitor prices in one number. 

2. Another option would be to use a rate-shopper, but then you have to look at many more prices and make the adjustments for different rates and room types yourself. This is time-consuming and prone to error. GenieIntelligence will automatically adjust and optimise prices for how many rooms left.

The magic of GenieIntelligence really comes in this step. If you only have one room left to sell, you only need to find one buyer. If you have 20 rooms left, you need to find 20. What should your price be, relative to the other hotels? GenieIntelligence tells you this so you can make the most profit rather than just copy your competitors.

3. You get your Big 5 Dates every day so you always raise prices in time

Have you ever found that you fill up too early and you know you could have charged more? Maybe there was an event you missed. Maybe it was just a busy weekend. 

GenieIntelligence looks at the next 3 months and tells you up to 5 dates every day that you can make more money by raising prices. 

GenieIntelligence makes sure that you charge enough for your rooms.

Big 5 Dates

4. You get price recommendations for the last 2 weeks with a colour code.

Depending on your location and hotel type, around 40% of your bookings will come in the last 2 weeks. GenieIntelligence gives you price recommendations for this complete period.

Move the green prices up. Move the red prices down. And you will make the most of this most important time in your booking window.

2 Weeks Pricing

5. GenieIntelligence also shows weather and local events. 

You will keep updated on these every morning!

Upcoming Events

6. It is free to try!

And there is one more reason that you should try it. It is totally free to try for a month. No credit card required and no obligation. You can sign up with your account and be done in 2 minutes. 

After that, for the price of a newspaper each morning you can continue to receive this high-value daily email or you can simply do nothing and stop receiving it. 

Why not sign up now and see for yourself!


Revenue Management Software for independent Hotels, B&Bs, Inns, Apartments and Hotel Groups. Boost your revenue by 22% and save time.

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