How To Plan For The Resumption Of International Travel

Resumption International Travel

Ever since the spread of the 2019 Coronavirus Disease, many countries had to close their borders and limit travel to prevent their people from getting sick. Outdoor activities were also limited to running errands and getting essentials to limit physical contact with other people. The pandemic’s aftermath also meant that many people had to stay at home and forget about their travel plans and summer vacations.  

However, as the world starts to recover from the global health crisis’s effects, the possibility of eased international travel also increased. Of course, it’ll be undeniable that there will be many changes when traveling, even with the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine, since it’ll take a while before the world entirely goes back to normal.  

International Travel Options

Many countries are starting to ease their travel restrictions to foreigners, so if you plan on booking your vacation, you must know where you can go and what protocols you should follow.  

For example, like South Korea, some countries allow entry to tourists but require a 14-day quarantine and a negative test result upon arrival to the country. Other places also have restrictions on public gatherings and need all tourists to practice social distancing and wear a mask in public places.  

Of course, the health guidelines imposed by each country shouldn’t stop you from going on a much-needed vacation overseas. Taking a short break may be just what you need, especially if you’ve been under stress caused by the drastic changes in your life. There are various travel options you can try to satisfy your wanderlust without compromising your safety.  

For instance, instead of going to popular tourist destinations which are usually populated, you can choose to book your trip somewhere less crowded. This way, you can limit your contact with other people and lessen the risk of getting infected by the virus. You can choose to book a private property to stay in while you’re away from home, so you can unwind and take your time to relax.  

It’s also easier to book your vacation since most properties can be reserved online through websites like You can simply check the availability of the place you want to visit online and inquire about the requirements you need to bring before your trip.  

You can also go somewhere with a lot of open space, such as private beaches or the countryside if you want to spend most of your time outdoors. Try to book your vacation during the warmer months so that you can make the most out of your trip and do a lot of activities to unwind.  

Travel Requirements

If you’re planning to travel once the global health crisis starts to ease, you should be prepared to adhere to the travel policies of your own country, as well as the place you intend to visit. You must undertake holistic awareness of the health guidelines imposed by the place you’ll go to, so you can lessen your risk of exposure to the virus.  

You can obtain information on the health protocols from the country’s embassy or websites. Some famous tourist destinations you’ll want to go to may not be available for travelers during the time of your trip, so best to know where you can go beforehand. If you’re booking your vacation ahead, read the policies regarding your chosen destination and accommodation conditions to prevent any inconvenience on the day of your trip.  

Most countries likely require a negative PCR-test from all traveling foreigners in the future to minimize the spread of the virus. So, if you’re traveling soon, be sure to get tested and keep your test result in case you need to present it during an inspection.  

There’s also a possibility that one of the prerequisites for international travel in the future is proof of vaccination. Thanks to modern medicine, the possibility of controlling the virus is no longer out of reach. Several vaccines passed the last stage of clinical trials and are now being used to prevent people from getting infected. If the vaccination speed continues, it won’t be long before the majority of the population is immunized against the virus. 

Of course, the most common means to lessen your risk of infection, wearing a mask, may still be in practice even when leisure travel restarts. Even when you’re vaccinated, it helps to be wary about your surroundings and try to practice preventive measures whenever you’re outdoors to ensure that you’ll stay safe during your trip and won’t be a health risk to other people.  

Tips When Booking Your Trip

Plan Your Vacation Early  

It’ll be best for you to plan your trip ahead of time so you can book your flight and accommodation without any troubles. Not all hotels and resorts will have the same security and sanitation levels, so it’ll help if you stay in a place where you can feel safe. Try to book your accommodation in a well-known hotel chain instead of a private apartment since you can’t be sure of the personal property’s sanitation practices. Many hotel businesses will have strict guidelines to ensure their guests’ health and safety, so you won’t have to worry about getting infected with the virus during your stay.  

Some airlines may also have limited flights to the destination you want to go to, so it’ll be best to schedule your trip as early as possible. DIY trips are probably not the best option during a time of uncertainty, especially when you’re on foreign soil where policies may be different from what you know.  

Booking your day trips and activities ahead will ensure that you won’t break any rules in the area that you’ll be staying in during your vacation. It’ll also guarantee that you’re not going to be a health risk to the people around you.  

Pack Your Essentials 

If you’re traveling overseas after the pandemic ends, you shouldn’t forget to pack your essentials as well as some items that will keep you safe. You never know what could happen when you’re away from home, so it’s advisable that you still observe social distancing and proper sanitation.  

Pack your bag with essential items such as masks and hand disinfectants, so you can lessen your risk of getting sick while you’re enjoying your vacation. These small additions to your regular travel items will help you spend your time overseas without any worries.  

Also, don’t forget to bring your negative PCR test result or proof of vaccination, should it be required by the local government of the country you’re visiting. There may be mandatory inspections upon your arrival, so it’s best to be prepared to avoid any inconveniences during your trip.  

Get A Travel Insurance  

If you’re already set on going overseas for a vacation, don’t forget to get travel insurance before the day of your flight. You never know what could happen while you’re on foreign soil, so it’ll be helpful to have an insurance policy to cover costs you may incur if you encounter problems during your trip.  

There are travel insurances that you can use in case you need to cancel your bookings at the last minute. This way, you won’t have to worry about wasting your money on a trip you won’t even experience. Get an affordable insurance package with comprehensive coverage so you can be worry-free during your international travels. 

Stay Cautious  

You shouldn’t let your guard down at the moment you’re allowed to travel internationally, even when you think you’ve prepared well for your trip. Even with health policies in place, you should still do your part to prevent the virus’s spread wherever you go.  

Try to avoid crowded areas when you’re traveling, always wash your hands, and avoid contact with people you don’t know. It’ll be best if you engage in outdoor activities that aren’t too crowded, such as hiking or surfing, so you can safely enjoy your vacation.  

Also, always do your research before you travel, so you’ll know the situation of the place you’ll visit. If it seems that your destination is seeing a rise in COVID cases, it may be best for you to postpone your trip or go somewhere else. You’ll have a much memorable trip overseas if you prioritize your safety while you’re away from home.  

Final Thoughts

It seems like the world has been deprived of unrestricted international travel for a long time due to the current health crisis caused by a virus. Thanks to some countries’ prompt response and with the help of modern science, eradicating the virus doesn’t seem too out of reach.  

In time, the culture of traveling will slowly go back to normal with a few changes to ensure that everyone will be safe. Sanitation protocols are likely to be still implemented by many countries and tourist facilities to ensure that all travelers will be safe during their vacation. Other requirements such as your proof of vaccination and masks may also be mandatory requirements you need to have before flying overseas. Of course, as long as you’re well-prepared and willing to adhere to the rules of your destination, there’s no reason why you can’t travel internationally soon. 

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