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Hospitality From Home – How To Set Up Your Home For Office Work

As we all know, the past year or so has prompted a huge shift in the way that many of us work.

Instead of heading to the office for our standard 9-5 outing, remote working has surged. There are suggestions, even in a post-pandemic world, that this is going to remain the case indefinitely.

In fact, one only has to look at all of the companies who have pledged to make remote working a permanent thing.

However, it would be fair to say that perceptions about it have changed significantly. At first, the idea of lounging around in your PJ’s, with your laptop perched on the end of the sofa, sounded like the idea of heaven.

As time progressed, it soon became apparent that this wasn’t a long-term solution. Something more ‘work-like’ was needed. This meant that some workers would transform their homes, using Safestore self storage Edinburgh facilities to aid their plight. In other words, they would invest in drastic changes, to effectively make space for their new look work environment.

When it comes to the hospitality industry, one might be under the impression that they don’t fall into such a category. After all, the thought that most of us have when it comes to these professionals is that they are client-facing – which tends to throw the WFH mantra out of the window.

As it turns out, this isn’t necessarily the case. Let’s not forget that there is more to the world of hospitality work than client-facing work. There could be business development, general admin, sales, marketing and a whole host of other functions. In fact, a small proportion are ‘ineligible’ to work from home and most have been embracing it just like the rest of us.

Regardless of where you are in your remote working journey, today is all about presenting three golden rules that you should abide by if you are serious about setting up your home for permanent office work.

Separate business and pleasure

It’s a bit of a cliche but give us time.

For many years (in fact, forever in most cases), our homes were a place to live in. The thought of working in them just wasn’t possible.

Then, things changed. Ultimately, there needs to be a clear divide between your work life, and your home life.

For the odd day here and there, being sat on the edge of the kitchen counter may have worked. As time progresses something more permanent is required though, so you aren’t reminded about work every time you step into the room where your laptop is based.

For those with space, consider a dedicated home office. For those without, look towards space-saving solutions which can at least disguise your laptop and other work equipment on an evening and during the weekend.

Let’s not forget that your own role can affect this as well. For example, if you are involved in business development within hospitality, it stands to reason that a touch of professionalism is required. Do you need to attend Zoom meetings in suit? We’ll leave that one to you. However, having a suitable background is a must – you can’t be talking to potential clients with a mountain of kids toys in the background, as one example.

There’s no such thing as a standard desk

Following on from the previous point, it is time to forget about the so-called standard office furniture.

You don’t have to have a clunky office desk anymore. For those who are keen on ergonomics, consider a standing desk. For those who want to disguise their work life, look towards one that folds away.

If you set your sights on standard office furniture, your work and home life is almost forced to blend together. It’s time to think outside of the box.

Setting up your home isn’t just about the furniture

So far, the entirety of today’s article has focused on furniture.

There’s far more to speak about though, and we’re going to end with a point on the other members of your household. Whether it is friends or family, the rules are the same.

Contrary to some beliefs, this is the period in which you work. It’s not for household chores, or regular coffee breaks.

If everyone is on the same page with this, there won’t be any concerns. However, if the term ‘working from home’ is confused as it usually is, you’ll get frustrations from both sides. Just because you are based at home, it doesn’t mean to say that your working day needs to change.

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