Hotelogix Enterprise Issues NTMP Certification for Saudi Arabia

Hotelogix Saudi Arabia

Bangalore, India, 19th Aug, 2021: Hotelogix, a cloud-based Multi-Property Management System for enterprise-grade hotels across the globe, has made a remarkable attempt to simplify access to information and statistics related to the tourism and accommodation sector by connecting to the National Tourism Monitoring Platform (NTMP).

NTMP is an online platform used to surveil the performance of all tourist monitoring activities, including accommodation and tourist movement, enabling it to be an accredited centre for statistics and data related to the tourism sector in Saudi Arabia.

The Saudi Arabia Ministry of Tourism requires hotels operating in the country to keep them up to speed on all occupancy and reservation information. The connection between Hotelogix and NTMP works to this end and helps in following up the tourist movement.

For any modification in Hotelogix, an event is initiated from the software and sent to NTMP which includes guest information like reservation number, check-in/check-out etc. The delivery of this information is automated through the interface in Hotelogix PMS which sends the updated event to NTMP.

Mr. Brijesh Surendran, Senior Vice President – Sales at Hotelogix says,

“The Hotelogix and NTMP connect is aimed at enabling hoteliers to abide by the regulatory requirements of the Saudi Arabia government. Our product ensures easy and quick access to information and statistics of the tourism accommodation sector, while empowering Hotels in doing what they do best – serve their guests.”

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80 DAYS Benchmark