Hotel Amenities to Wow Your Guests

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There are a variety of reasons why guests stay at hotels. Guests, some of whom are business travelers, are looking for a place to rest between events. Some travelers are in search of nearby tourist attractions while others are in town for vacation.

Those who attend or plan an event or meet in town also make up the majority. No matter what the reasons for your guests’ stay, one thing is clear: they all want one thing to have an enjoyable stay.
If you are a small business owner of a hotel, motel, or cottage for rent, there are online product comparison sites that can help you find the best and comfortable items that you can give your guests for free or offer during their stay.

The awesome experiences and amenities you offer your guests can make a big difference when they visit your hotel. To help you with that, we’ve put together a list of the hotel freebies you can give them.

Travel-Size Complimentary Toiletries

Hotel rooms all over the world have travel-size toiletries such as body soap, shampoo, and conditioner. The limited carry-on size of airline baggage means many guests use these amenities, so picking quality products for your rooms makes a huge difference. You can earn extra points when you offer natural products, premium brands, or less common items like face masks or makeup removers.

Bathrobes and Slippers

You’re ready to move on to the next step, are you? In order to better compete with vacation rentals, a number of hotels have upgraded their amenities. 

Like offering personalized bathrobes and slippers. Today, hotel slippers are one of the most important amenities provided by hotels all over the world. In order to give guests the option of moving around the hotel room, including the bathroom, in comfortable and clean footwear, hotel slippers should be offered.

Think about making these amenities available if your hotel is located in a market that is heavily competitive with Airbnb – or if you are looking to grab a competitive edge in the market.



The parking situation is very important for anyone driving a rental vehicle or their own car. As an amenity to staying in their accommodations, hotels often offer free parking. There are hotels, however, that require guests to pay a nightly fee for their own parking or valet service. The tip you leave at the end of the service that is provided to you is not only included in the cost of parking your car. You need to ensure that you have access to your car at all times, even if a hotel offers free parking in its garage. It is possible that some garages close at night, so you may have to find another location.

Complimentary Wi-Fi

In case you are of the opinion that well-functioning Wi-Fi is not critical to your hotel business, reconsider. According to a recent survey, it is one of the most important aspects of guest satisfaction. The survey revealed that over 65% of guests go online within 7 minutes of checking in. Make sure that the Wi-Fi you are offering is working properly, even if you do offer it for free. There are many instances when hotels claim to provide Wi-Fi but the connection is a nightmare and worse, guests are unable to access the network at all! This will be a major turn-off for It is possible that they will keep it closed and still stay at your property, but most likely they will not return.

Pick Up / Drop Off Service

The best way to provide impeccable hospitality to your hotel guests is to offer a pick-up and drop-off service. Large hotels tend to have their own transport for airport transfers, but smaller hotels are rare enough to not have this service. Hoteliers, don’t let this be a deal-breaker for your customers if you’re one of the smaller ones. Grab provides a similar service and you can still provide it to your guests so tie-up with them! There are a lot of boutique hotels that now realize how important it is to provide transport options.

Pick Up Service Hotels

Offer VIP Gifts

It’s always a pleasure to receive a gift that is unexpected. Show your customers how much you appreciate their patronage with an exclusive gift.

Free bike options

You may find it much more worthwhile to purchase bikes for your guests if you have a destination that is bike-friendly. Consider offering an excursion that leaves every day or maybe just on weekends if you have the capability. By offering this opportunity, you can connect your guests with the best parts of your city so they can get active, go green, and see everything on their own schedule.

Premium coffee

Switch to freshly ground coffee from a local roaster or even a Nespresso machine to elevate your in-room offerings. If upgrading the in-room coffee will be prohibitive for your property, consider installing a machine in the lobby that can prepare

Exclusive offers

Make sure to offer guests something that will set you apart from the competition. If you want to go the extra mile, try giving them special offers and discounts based on their interests, such as coupons for their favorite stores or specials at restaurants. If you wish, you can even organize your own complimentary walking tours or bar crawls to show your guests the best spots within walking distance.


Create a product offering that is dynamic and makes your business stand out! Providing a variety of services to customers is one of the best ways for hoteliers to attract clients, assisting them in making the most Make sure you get the right amount!

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80 DAYS Benchmark