The 5 Best Tools to Keep Your Guests Well-Informed & Entertained

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Hotels should prioritize providing each visitor with an exceptional experience, regardless of whether the guest is there for business, pleasure, events or planning purposes. It includes both leisure and business travelers. How you connect and engage your visitors before, during, and after their stays may significantly impact the quality of their experiences. The following is a list of techniques that you can use to amaze hotel visitors and make their stay memorable – and one that they are indeed eager to share with others.


1. Digital Signage


Keeping your clients interested in your hotel might be difficult. Your staff has a limited amount of time to respond to queries. There are limitations to what they can do to keep your visitors interested and engaged within your hotel. This is why you should think about investing in digital signage. It aids in consumer engagement by educating, informing, and entertaining them.

Notably, the visitor experience is everything in the hotel industry. Hotels and vacation resorts work hard to improve their reputation and provide an unparalleled consumer experience. As a hotelier, you are focused on employee training, design, and amenities, but there is one thing you are overlooking — digital signs. In a world where technology is advancing at breakneck speed, the desire for an extraordinary guest experience is growing in lockstep. Luckily, this is where digital signage for hotels shines. It contributes to improving visitor experiences and upselling offerings and services.


2. Bulletin Boards


A bulletin board can be a great tool to keep your guests well-informed and entertained within your hotel. You can use it to display information about upcoming events, new products or services, or even provide a general overview of your hotel. You can also use it to post photos or other visual elements to add a bit of personality to your space. 

Bulletin boards can be placed in various locations, such as near the entrance of your hotel, in a common area, or in each guest room. If you have many guests, you may want to consider having multiple bulletin boards so that everyone can easily see the information. When creating a bulletin board, use high-quality materials to withstand heavy use. You will also want to make sure that the board is large enough to accommodate all of the information you want to display.


3. Online Presence


First impressions are pretty important, and they can have a lasting impact. You must first create an appealing and successful internet presence if you want people to stay at your hotel, whether on business or for pleasure. There are various ways to do this:


  • Improve online reviews


Please don’t be lazy in responding to online reviews, no matter where they appear. Maintain a positive visitor experience and encourage them to come back.


  • Be active on social media


So show the world that your hotel is alive and kicking! Your hotel’s social media accounts are the best place for travelers to taste what their stay will be like.


  • Optimize OTAs and other channels


One of the most significant ways to wow hotel visitors before they ever book with you is to maintain your online travel agency and source profiles current and thorough.


  • Create a dynamic website for your hotel


When someone searches for a place to visit or host an event, your website may influence their choice even if they don’t begin there. Prioritize search engine optimization (SEO), publish often, and provide a good user experience.


4. In-room technology


Technology for hotels is now being developed and is both exhilarating and revolutionary. If you are staying at a hotel, you may soon be able to unlock your room door with a swipe of your smartphone. As a result, tablets are becoming more popular with visitors and workers. Travelers may submit a request from their accommodation and have it addressed within minutes by a service member on their mobile device. The hotel may program the tablets to offer extra services or nearby points of interest.


5. Hotel app


Most hotels now offer an app that guests can check-in, view their room reservations, and access information about the hotel and its facilities. These tools can be handy for keeping guests informed about what is happening at the hotel and what services and facilities are available.

When your hotel engages with its customers, it becomes easy to influence them, but it is not a quick remedy. You must identify the appropriate channels, develop more responsive and customized procedures, and get funding to build new systems that can support this kind of involvement. Eventually, you will be able to keep everyone well-informed and entertained.


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80 DAYS Benchmark