5 Uses for Digital Signage in Hotels Right Now

Hotel Digital Signage

Aren’t digital signs used mostly in retail? Aren’t they more commonly seen at events and such? Isn’t it only cinemas that use digital signs around their entrances? In truth, digital signs are used in all those circumstances, but they are also popular with hotels. There are actually quite a few ways that a hotel may use a digital sign, but to save time, we have collated the top five ways that hotels use digital signs as researched and surveyed by the Kitcast.tv digital software company.

1. Promote Your Bookings and Vacancies

You know more about promoting these sorts of things than most others because you have been doing it for years. However, don’t be afraid to add in a few live or more interactive features. For example, if there are ways for people to book rooms through your digital signs, so that they may perhaps extend their stay or have a late checkout, then you should consider allowing it through your digital signs. You could also have live feeds that show how many rooms you have left and which rooms are available for what prices. 

2. Promote Your Services

Do you have excellent bar menus, a great dining experience, or perhaps entertainment during the evening? If so, then why not promote your services with your digital signs. Do you have other services like shuttle services, or perhaps you have transport passes for sale, or phone cards for sale. You can promote all of these using your digital signs. You can even promote the sorts of things that people expect from hotels, like room service and the ability to come and go at whatever time of day and night.

3. Tell People About Your Schedules

When is lunch served? How long is breakfast served for? When does the bar open? What time should people check out for? When should people arrive for their booked room? When is the standup comedian playing? These are just some of the questions you can answer with your digital signs, and the  great thing is that you can alter and adjust your scheduling live on the screens so that they are always up to date. You can tell people about local events and their schedules. You may even have a hotel where local transport stops running at certain times, so you could give people the times for the last busses up to your hotel before the end of the night. 

4. Sell Advertising Space to Other People

Everybody knows that if you desperately need a taxi, then the hotels in the local area probably know about all of them. The fact is that hotel lobbies are prime real estate for local companies that want to advertise to tourists. Your digital signs allow local companies to provide their own advertising material, without having to print off leaflets, all while safe in the knowledge that their information is being shown directly to hotel visitors. It is not like when they leave some brochures on your counters, the digital signs are actively showing people adverts for local companies, and that is worth money. Your digital sign could turn a nice profit if your hotel is popular enough. 

5. Run a Few Branding Exercises

You want to set a tone, you want people to understand your services, but to also understand what your company stands for. You want to set expectations and help people maintain their expectations and experiences. This can be done with digital signs. You can showcase that your hotel is the cleanest, or perhaps the most exciting, or that it has the best views, or is in the best positions within the town and/or tourist area. You could even take a few swipes at your competitors, such as if you have something that they obviously don’t.

80 DAYS Benchmark
80 DAYS Benchmark