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HotelRunner Expands its Operations in Morocco, Joining Forces with National Tourism Confederation (CNT) to Digitize the Travel Industry

HotelRunner, the world’s leading B2B networked marketplace for the travel industry, signed a memorandum of understanding on Friday, June 17th, with HWS and CNT to accelerate the digitalization of the tourism industry in Morocco, Kingdom of Light. 

HotelRunner, the leading global hospitality and travel technology company, participated in the very first “Travel Tech Morocco’’ event organized by The Moroccan National Tourist Office (ONMT) and National Tourism Confederation (CNT) with contributions from HotelRunner’s partner Hospitality Web Services (HWS) on June 17th in Rabat, Morocco. 

HotelRunner’s Co-Founders and Managing Partners Ali Beklen and Arden Agopyan, as well as the Director of Demand Partnerships Rıza Kaynak and Director of Supply Partnerships Cihan Coşkuntuncel, attended the event as special guests and participated in the panels sharing their insights with the veterans of Morocco’s travel industry. 

At this special event, HotelRunner, Morocco’s National Tourism Confederation, and Hospitality Web services signed a memorandum of understanding for the digitalization of the tourism and hospitality industries in Morocco by harnessing the power of technology. This partnership is a testimony of HotelRunner’s dedication to digitizing accommodations and travel agencies, introducing them to the global market, helping to promote Morocco as a destination, and as result, advancing the Moroccan travel economy overall.

“Morocco is a unique market with huge growth potential. We are committed to elevating the digitalization of the travel industry across North Africa, starting from Morocco, and thrilled to see what’s ahead,’’ said Arden Agopyan, Co-Founder and Managing Partner at HotelRunner.      

“Morocco is one of the key markets for HotelRunner and with collaboration and commitment, we will power the digital transformation of Morocco. We will build a bigger travel economy together,’’ added HotelRunner’s Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Ali Beklen.

Regarding this special partnership, Hamid Bentahar, President of National Tourism Confederation, said: “CNT’s main objective has always been to forge a stronger and more inclusive travel industry. We will work with our esteemed partners to achieve this goal and accelerate the transition of the Moroccan travel industry from off to online together”

“With the support of our long-time reliable partner HotelRunner and esteemed CNT, we are thrilled to say that this partnership will open a new era for the Moroccan travel industry,” said Reda Aboudihaj, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Hospitality Web Services.

“We have been working hard in line with our mission to support technology companies and properties in the travel industry in Africa. Today, we are ready to take our mission to the next level with this unique partnership,” added Christophe Bazille, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Hospitality Web Services.

Within the scope of the signed memorandum of understanding, HotelRunner, CNT, and HWS will equip travel agencies, hotels, and tourism professionals in Morocco with the latest technology, encourage them to work closely with each other, and support them in the transition from local to global, thus advance the digital transformation of the tourism and accommodation industries in Morocco.

About HotelRunner
HotelRunner is a SaaS-enabled unified sales, operations, and distribution management platform and B2B network for accommodations, travel agencies, and payment providers. HotelRunner has thousands of accommodation and travel agency partners globally. HotelRunner is a Premier Connectivity Partner, Expedia Elite Connectivity Partner, Airbnb Software Partner, Agoda Innovative Supplier, Oracle Gold, Hotelbeds, and Google Hotel Ads strategic partner.

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HotelRunner is a cloud-based digital marketing and online sales management platform for hotels and travel agencies, helping them obtain a tailored and efficient online presence. HotelRunner, helps hotels and travel agencies to go online from offline while creating innovative sales channels via state of the art technologies and enabling users to achieve higher recognition in international markets, broader customer outreach, and higher profitability. Once connected, HotelRunner automates inventory distribution, maximizes direct channel revenues, and boosts profit margins. HotelRunner is the platform for online sales, management and digital marketing activities for hotels, daily rentals and travel agencies.

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