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Five Ways Smart Technology is Reshaping the Glamping Industry

Today, travelers are increasingly swapping 5-star hotels for unique properties that offer a means to escape and enjoy the great outdoors. Glamping, a trend that elevates the traditional camping experience, has become increasingly popular for vacations socially distanced by design. And, unlike other trends spurred by the pandemic, it seems glamping is here to stay!

According to Bloomberg, the number of US households that will go camping in 2022 is projected to hit 61.3 million, up from an all-time high of 56.9 million in 2021. Furthermore, the global glamping market is predicted to surpass $10.6 billion by 2032, with sales primarily driven by the US market.

Although the boom is undoubtedly exciting news for the industry, the same things that give glamping its unique appeal also add a novel set of operational complexities. This is where the right hospitality management technology can help. From operations to guest experience, choosing the right smart technology can make it easier for you to scale your business, increase revenue and provide remarkable experiences for staff and guests. Here’s how:

Increase online visibility

From luxury tents to high-end cabins, running and scaling a glamping business comes with unique needs, challenges and opportunities. One way to scale a glamping business is to ensure more potential guests see your property online. This can be achieved by distributing inventory across several relevant booking channels. But to manage this manually and without error would be close to an impossible feat! Next-generation channel management technology can automatically sync your inventory and rates across unlimited distribution channels in real-time.

Manage your property from anywhere

Glamping properties often translate to being in remote locations. A cloud-based solution eliminates the need for on-site servers and allows you to access your system anywhere–whether on or off the property. What’s even better is that with multiple logins, staff can access everything they need to keep operations running smoothly. 

Streamline processes with contactless services

Cloud technology gives guests the freedom to do everything they need – from checking in online to communicating with staff – from their mobile devices. The benefits of self-serve solutions go even further when you’re operating ‘rooms’ spread across a large piece of land. With intuitive systems, properties can add an extra layer of convenience with contactless solutions like online check-in, digital ID scanner, digital room keys, online payments and more. The result is that guests remain well cared for while reducing the need for in-person interactions.

Boost revenue with unique add-ons

Operating a glamping property presents plenty of monetization opportunities. From unique experiences to luxury amenities, the right hospitality technology can help boost revenue by upselling relevant add-ons to your guests before they check in. With all-in-one solutions like RoomRaccoon, properties can automatically upsell amenities and extra services on their website booking engine and during online check-in. 

Streamline internal communication

Having the right tools can make all the difference in streamlining processes. Cloud-based solutions for mobile devices make communication between staff seamless and save valuable time by digitizing manual processes. A next-generation hospitality management system with housekeeping software allows property owners to manage their entire housekeeping team and track their progress from their mobile devices. Housekeeping staff can use the platform to update and manage room cleaning and report any maintenance issues for rapid response. The result? Problems are solved faster, rooms are turned around quickly, and guest perception is boosted. 

If you’re running a glampsite, it is essential that you invest in the right technology to streamline your operations to meet evolving guest expectations. An all-in-one solution features a variety of tools that can help you scale your business and generate additional revenue at the touch of a button.

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