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Why Your Hotel Should Add EV Charging Points for 2023

As time goes on, electric cars and vehicles are becoming increasingly popular. More people are switching to the greener option, electric vehicles, every day. Whether you want to attract more customers or support green energy, an electric vehicle charge point is the way to go. For several reasons, your hotel should consider adding electric vehicle charge points. 

What is an EV Charging Point?

Electric car charge points are popping up everywhere. EV, or Electric Vehicle, charging points are stations that you can bring your electric vehicle to and charge the battery. You can use a charge point in your home or a public EV point. 

With more people supporting the greener way of driving, the market for electric vehicles is skyrocketing. The demand for electric cars is projected at $727 billion by 2031. 

An EV point is a piece of equipment that charges your electric car by pulling electrical currents from either a 240v outlet or a hardwired grid. With over 1.6 million electric vehicles on the road in America and more in China, EV points are becoming necessary. 

Why Does Your Hotel Need to Add EV Charge Points? 

Your hotel can benefit from installing a few EV charging points. With projects of electric vehicles increasing by 50% in the next four years, it would attract lots more customers to your hotel and make a profit! 

What Electric Vehicles are on the Market Today? 

Many different electric vehicles are available on the market today! Whether you want a truck, car, or SUV, there are options! Today’s most popular EVs are the Model 3 Tesla, Ford Mustang Mach-E, Chevrolet Bolt, and Hyundai Kona

Inspire Electric Vehicle Drivers to Come to Your Hotel 

The first reason you should add EV charging points in 2023 is it encourages more people to visit your hotel! Most people traveling with electric vehicles will look for hotels that have EV charging points. No one wants to be stranded somewhere without a charge. 

Why Does it Attract Customers? 

Having the added protection knowing they will have somewhere to plug in at the night’s end, will enable people to use your hotel. 

You will attract more people by showing that your hotel supports green energy. Not only does it attract hotel customers, but it will also attract higher paying nonguest customers.

How Does it Make You Money? 

People can use your charging points for a fee. When people wait for their electric vehicle to charge, they could use your hotel’s gift shop or restaurant, bringing in more revenue! 

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations are Profitable 

Installing a few EV charging stations in your hotel could also be profitable. Not only by bringing in paying customers. You can maximize your hotel’s income by charging a fee to use the charging station. Most people are willing to pay up $3 to $4 an hour! 

Is There a Money-Making Market for Electric Cars? 

Since electric cars generated much revenue in 2020, you can expect electric vehicles to only bring in more as time goes on! Specialists say the overall electric vehicle charging stations market will reach a net worth of $727 billion by 2031. 

What Kind of EV Charge Point Should You Install? 

When considering installing electric vehicle charging points in your hotel, aim to put in a level 2 charging point. Level 2 charging stations will charge about 3 to 4 times faster than the level 1 or trickle charge. Customers are more likely to use a level 2 charger than a level 1. 

How Does it Make You Money? 

As stated, EV charge points are profitable. You may think you cannot make a profit from a charging station. However, you can easily make money from installing charge points in your hotel or other business. Charge points will attract money-spending customers and non-hotel guests. 

Attracting customers who are not hotel guests is perfect if you have a gift shop or restaurant. People will come to charge their cars, and while waiting, they will spend money at your hotel. Another way that installing an EV charge point will make you money. 


All things considered, adding an electric vehicle charging point is ideal for your hotel for several reasons. The main reason you should add a charging point to your hotel is the money-making aspect. Whether you want to ensure people see you support green energy or you want to attract more customers, an EV charge point will benefit you and your hotel. 

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