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What Will 2023 Bring to the Travel Marketing Industry?

Despite the complex global economic and geopolitical context, 72% of people still need to travel. After 2020, COVID-19, and all that happened, the traveling industry witnessed a huge recession. Then in 2022, it returned triumphantly.

Now, 2023 will be the year of creative reinvention of this industry. In those times of worldly concerns about wars, inflation, and climate change, the traveling marketing industry must find new ways and trends to attract people more towards traveling and ease their concerns about the cases that concern them.

This article will discuss the top 2023 travel trends and tips for travel marketers.

Top travel trends and tips that will be successful in 2023

Bleisure travel

This term combines “business” and “leisure” traveling activities. It is a traveling trend that will gain popularity in 2023. So business travel will now extend to include leisure activities; the travels will be focused on building relationships and corporate leisure more than actual work.

This type can sometimes be pre-planned or is offered without planning during work trips. Employees are demanding to combine business travel with recreational time. 59% of workers worldwide think going to new places and exploring new spaces will make them more productive at work.

Traveling marketers can focus on using influencers to advertise for places that are good and appropriate for Bleisure traveling. They can promote areas that are good for themed trips where employers must stay in cabins out in the nature or maybe the farmhouses in the countryside; places that are good for building teamwork, getting some work and meetings done, while also can be good for relaxing and having a fun time.

Experience travel

People who have been stuck at home for too long are in desperate need of new and exciting experiences. Most people are interested in having experiences they can talk about for the rest of their lives. Travelers are tired of traditional destinations and hot places and seek better experiences in new areas they wish to travel to.

Millennials and Gen-Z prefer spending money on exploring and making memories rather than material things; they then share the photos on social media. Some create a shirt design with photos they took while visiting new places to immortalize the memories.

Travel marketers should note that individuals and groups interested in Experience Travel in 2023 usually prefer staying with a local family rather than in a fancy hotel; they want to be immersed in the new culture they are experiencing and not just stay at the margin. That means they are looking for brands that will grant them an easy way to mingle with the locals, particularly people traveling to Canada or France.

Cost-effective but also fun travel

Ecotourism is one of the major marketing trends that will emerge in 2023. It combines traveling passion and supporting rapid growth. Many believe this way is cost-effective and will help the tourism industry become more sustainable.

Cost-effective traveling will be super trendy in 2023 because, despite the global economic uncertainty, people will continue to prioritize travel; while also being mindful of what takes priority and how to make the most of their budgets.

Developing a financially savvy itinerary will be paramount in 2023. People will have to plan their budgets more tightly and take advantage of tips and offers, focusing on the value they get for their money through loyalty schemes and discounts.

Some will save money by going for an off-season destination or considering longer itineraries. Some will plan their trips in advance to get the best deal. And most people believe that the better use of their budgets will be by opting for one or two long holidays rather than having several short ones.

Travel marketers should remember that many travelers are willing to spend more money and splurge on elements about the trip that matters to them the most. Most people plan to maximize their spending on trips to make the experience worth their while.

Then there are the travelers who believe firms must customize their experience to their personal preference, like basing it on their personal experiences and behaviors. With this personalization, travelers will be offered options that are more flexible and tailored to their liking.

With this experience, travel brands will achieve better customer satisfaction and better conversation, which will analyze customer behavior and help the brand’s digital marketing strategy.

In conclusion

Travel marketers should take advantage of many new and unique travel trends in 2023. Caring more about offering experiences tailored for certain niches and audiences and studying the behaviors of old and loyal customers should be prioritized.

Offering economical and eco-friendly trips and improving automation and mobile booking since mobile shoppers are deemed more valuable to businesses. Those actions will get good responses.

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