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How To Make Your Valentine’s Breaks Stand Out In 2023

February is here again, and that means that love is in the air as Valentine’s Day rolls around once more. That’s always good news for the hospitality and travel industry, with themed events and breaks representing a great way to increase your revenue and attract more customers at this time of year. However, with so much competition in the industry, how can you make your Valentine’s Breaks really stand out from this crowd?

If you’re running a hotel, Valentine’s Day is one of the most important events in the calendar to attract guests and maximise your revenue. Short breaks, overnight stays, and even evening events are all popular ways for couples to celebrate the 14th February, so make sure that you’re making the most of this exciting opportunity for your business by pulling out all the stops to ensure you’re offering something that your competitors are not.

It makes sense to mix-up your offerings, so that you have something for everyone. For example, a special Valentine’s dinner could be offered not only to local guests who are looking for a special evening with their loved one, but also as part of a weekend break package for those travelling from further afield. With this in mind, here are some top ideas to introduce into your Valentine’s Day marketing strategies for 2023 that can help you bring in guests who are staying with you overnight, just for the evening, or for a longer stay.

Valentine’s Crafting Workshops

Add something unique to your hospitality deal with a Valentine’s Crafting Workshop. Themed breaks are becoming increasingly popular, and the popularity of craft workshops is also on the rise. More couples than ever before are looking for something personal when they’re trying to decide what gift to pick for Valentine’s Day for their partner, and what better way to maximise that potential than by giving them the chance to make something completely unique, tailored specifically to their loved one. Jewellery-making workshops are a great choice to add into your Valentine’s break offerings, with ring-making courses a particularly strong contender for couples celebrating Valentine’s Day on a break away with their significant other.

Valentine’s Tasting Menus

If you’re offering a Valentine’s break for couples, consider changing your menu offerings for the big day itself by offering a themed tasting menu. Rather than a traditional three-course meal, attendees could enjoy multiple courses of smaller bites to whet their appetites. Of course, sticking with the Valentine’s theme, you could include known aphrodisiac ingredients into your menu, or keep to a red or pink theme, with red or rose wine to accompany the dishes.

Live Performances

Live performances are always popular additions to hotel breaks, giving customers extra entertainment as part of their experience. Valentine’s Day is the ideal chance to include a live performance as part of a short break offering, with all kinds of different options to choose from. For example, you could focus on live music on the theme of love and romance, or perhaps a comedy night centred around love’s more amusing side. As long as you take care to set the right tone for your target demographic, you’re sure to find that the promise of additional themed entertainment attracts more customers through your doors.

Host a Masquerade Ball

Themed nights have long been a staple of hospitality events, but masquerade balls have a special place thanks to the intrigue and excitement that they offer. They’re especially suited to the Valentine’s Day break theming, allowing couples to enjoy the romance of the occasion with a touch of glamour thrown in. Many people love to dress up for a special event, and with a masquerade ball, they can really go all-out. Make sure that the entertainment, food offerings, and decorations are all in-line with the theming, and consider adding some extra activities to the event, such as giving out prizes for the best dressed couple, running party games, treasure hunts, or couples’ photo booths to draw in more customers.

Run Dancing Workshops

With TV programmes like Strictly Come Dancing and Dancing With The Stars proving so popular with viewers of all ages, it’s a no-brainer to consider running dance workshops as part of your Valentine’s break offerings. There’s nothing more romantic than getting up close with someone special and learning how to dance together, so why not set up an event with ballroom or Latin classes for couples at all ability levels, partnering up with a local dance instructor or dance school? It’s an ideal addition to any Valentine’s break line-up and will help to set your venue apart from the others in your local area.

Create an Event for Singles

While Valentine’s Day offers are usually all about couples, it’s worth noting that you’re overlooking a particularly lucrative market – singles who are looking for love. Rather than focusing on loved up pairs this year, why not centre your marketing efforts on events and breaks for single people who are looking for an opportunity to get out and about and meet new people. Of course, if you’re thinking of offering a Singles Weekend Break deal or a speed dating night, it’s important to consider your target market and to choose your theming carefully. It’s sensible to target your offering towards a specific audience – for example over 50s or young professionals – so that it’s easier to plan your theming. Since a singles event is something out of the ordinary, it can really set your venue apart from the crowd at this time of the year.

Make The Most of Your Marketing This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day represents one of the biggest opportunities in the calendar for the hospitality and travel sector, so it’s crucial to tap into its full potential by taking the time to ensure you’ve fully planned out your marketing strategy. By coming up with something exciting and unusual, you can set your venue apart from its rivals and encourage more guests to come through your doors.

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