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Hotelogix and BookingWhizz Join Forces to Supercharge Hotel Revenue: Empowering Upselling and Direct Bookings

Singapore, 22/06/2023: Hotelogix, a globally leading cloud-based hospitality technology provider, has partnered with BookingWhizz, a CRM customised for the hospitality industry. With this seamless and end-to-end integration, Hotelogix aims to help hotels efficiently upsell and increase direct bookings for more revenue.

The integration between Hotelogix’s cloud Hotel PMS and BookingWhizz’s CRM solution will enable hotels to keep track of guest preferences. It will, in turn, help hotels identify the guests’ spending patterns and present them with upselling opportunities. Similarly, Hotelogix users can drive direct bookings through strong marketing capabilities with the BookingWhizz tool.

BookingWhizz, a prominent UK-based firm, specializes in cutting-edge booking technology and customized online marketing solutions designed specifically for the hotel industry. The company’s primary objective is to empower hotels to elevate their sales by transforming their websites into primary sales channels. Additionally, BookingWhizz provides comprehensive CRM and loyalty solutions. Currently, BookingWhizz serves 1,300 hotels across 170 cities, establishing itself as a trusted partner in the industry.

Speaking about this partnership, Aditya Sanghi, CEO and Co-founder at Hotelogix, said, “As their Hotel PMS partner, we understand both upselling and direct booking are critical for hotels to grow revenue and profitability. Our partnership with BookingWhizz will no doubt help our mutual clients make the most of it.”

Expressing his views, Karim Mawani, Founder and CEO at BookingWhizz, said, “We are delighted about this partnership with Hotelogix. The synergy between our business models is nothing short of remarkable, offering clients a holistic and all-encompassing solution. By combining our efficient PMS and Channel Manager with a seamless CRM platform, we have created a truly convenient one-stop shop. This integration empowers businesses to seize upselling opportunities and cultivate unwavering customer loyalty.”

Speaking about the usefulness of this integration, Vibhas Prasad, Director, Leisure Hotels Group, said, “In the evolving landscape of travel technology, resort chains like us need multiple tech-partners to integrate their products and services to offer a seamless delightful experience to guests. In the quest to stay ahead of our guests’ demands, we have chosen to partner with Hotelogix (our long standing cloud PMS partner) and BookingWhizz to create a semi-automated omni-channel communications platform to preempt travellers with customized offers  & drive brand loyalty.”

About Hotelogix

Hotelogix is a globally leading cloud-based hospitality technology solutions provider of industry-first Multi-property Management System, Hotel PMS and Mobile PMS App for independent and hotel groups. We have the remarkable feat of implementing the most extensive multi-property deployment of 50000+ rooms across 500+ properties under a single group. Through our distribution brand AxisRooms, we also offer Channel Manager and Revenue Management solutions. We have earned the trust of 5000+ hotels in 100+ countries, including South Asia, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, LATAM, Europe and North America. We have been instrumental in driving their growth while helping them sell more rooms at the optimum rate and serving guests better.

Hotelogix is headquartered in Singapore with offices in the USA, India, UAE, Thailand and the Philippines.

For more information, visit

Debi Prasad Sarangi
Ph: +91 9986496849

Hotelogix’s Hotel Management System is being currently used in 100+ countries. Known as the world's easiest Hotel Management System to get started with, it enables hotels to migrate to the cloud in just a minute

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