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Agile Marketing Hotels

4 Agile marketing ideas for hotels

As hoteliers, we have become experts at reacting to last minute business needs to maximise profitability. The empty room is a missed opportunity, so...
Hotel Tribes

Build a Tribe to Attract More Hotel Guests

The taxi pulls away from the driveway and a deep sigh of relief washes over you. This troublesome guest has finally left. Which hotelier doesn’t...
Airbnb Hotels Rome

5 Things Hoteliers Can Learn From Airbnb Listings

Airbnb encourages their hosts to be really descriptive in their listings. Details help set expectations, so it’s good to be as clear as you...
5 Content Editing Tips Hotels

Five Top Content Editing Tips for Hotels

A regular column by the content writing experts World Words.
Hotel Copywriting Cliches To Avoid

10 Content Writing Clichés To Avoid

A regular column by the content writing experts World Words.
Hotel Content Marketing

Choosing the Best Content for Your Hotel Brand

There is no such thing as one-size-fits-all hotel content writing – don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Every hotel brand is different, as are...
Hotel Content Marketing Tips

How to Turn One Hotel Content Idea into a Dozen

For hotel marketers, the need to generate new topics and ideas for content is an ever-present challenge. Content marketing is, after all, a long-term...
Cultural Sensitivity Hotel Blogs

Cultural Sensitivity and Hotel Blog Content

These days, it is common for hotel brands to produce original content. Mammoth hotel chains from Hilton to Best Western to InterContinental, as well...
Newsletter Hotels

5 Reasons People Aren’t Subscribing to Your Hotel Newsletter & How...

There’s a variety of channels you can use to market your hotel. Social media, SEO, pay-per-click, and remarketing: they’re all useful tools. Email, used right,...
Hotel Content Writing

The Key to Great Hotel Content Writing? Be Specific

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