Thursday, January 21, 2021



Automation Opportunities for Luxury Hotels & Travel

Hospitality – ‘the friendly and generous reception and entertainment of guests’, according to the Oxford English dictionary. Synonymous with warm welcomes, ‘good hospitality’ has inherently been the product...

PressReader & Forbes Travel Guide Report: Next 5 Years Will See Hotels Focus on Tech to Improve and Personalize the Guest Experience

PressReader and Forbes Travel Guide partnered to survey hotel executives from around the world, getting insight into how they plan to enhance the luxury stay experience with...

Innovating With AI: Predictive Analytics

  Hoteliers have an amazing collection of raw data, which when stitched together, form a digital trail of all the interactions that occurred during the guest journey. Predictive analytics,...

The Evolution of Hotel Chatbots (Updated)

Updated, May 2017: According to consulting firm Activate, 3.6 billion users will be using messaging apps to connect with friends and businesses by the end of 2018. With...

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