Sunday, December 15, 2019



5 Effective Distribution Channels To Keep Your Hotel Alive & Competitive

The hotel industry has evolved from providing familiar service and feelings wherever travellers go to providing a unique experience. More boutique hotels are investing in their own...

The Rapid Rise of Hotel Metasearch – 2019 & Beyond

  A growing trend within digital marketing for the hotel industry, metasearch advertising has seen an especially rapid rise during the last 12 months. For many 80 DAYS...

“Google seems to be taking over the OTAs’ role in the guest journey”

We've been keeping a close eye on Google Travel for a while now, so when they quietly announced updates to their hotel search experience we were quick...

Google Launches Hotel Search Site: “This could undermine OTAs”

Google has launched a full destination search site for hotel listings in a move that could seriously shake up online travel - again. Under the innocuous title “There’s still...

Why Increase Your Hotel’s Visibility On Google Hotel Ads

In today’s competitive hospitality industry, as a hotelier, it's essential for you to get more traffic from Google as part of a strategy to attract direct bookings....

How could metasearch evolve from price comparison to product comparison?

A recent article by Tnooz suggested it’s time for travel metasearch to evolve. But what should this evolution look like? On the one hand, the industry has made...

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