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Reduce Reliance on OTAs

Hotel Hacks For Reducing Reliance On OTAs [Free eBook]

Hotels and third party travel websites have long since engaged in a tug of war when it comes to attracting online customers. With consumers believing...
Hotel OTA Dominance

OTAs Are Fundamentally Breaking Guest Communication And Hotels Accept It

While some hoteliers have started questioning the OTAs’ role in the hospitality industry, many still see them as the golden path to higher occupancy...
Hotel Handshake

Hotels Offering Loyalty Programmes on OTAs: The Dark Side

Expedia is now very kindly allowing hotels to offer their normally closed user group member-only rates publicly on Expedia. Red Lion Hotel Group (RLHG),...
Hotel Guest Profiles

Get to know your guests with guest profiles

‘The OTAs know more about your guests than you do.’ It’s a harsh comment but one that rings true for many. By compiling data and...
OTAs Undercutting Hotels

A Billion Dollar Sinkhole [Infographic]

As we all know, maintaining rate parity plays a pivotal role in encouraging direct booking through a hotel website rather than a OTA or...
Time for Change OTAs

How to Change your OTA Mindset and Reduce Commission Costs

Digital marketing and guest services can diminish the impact of OTAs on travellers' behaviour and your hotel's financial results. Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) are powerful marketing...
Bundeskartellamt Germany Booking.com

Germany’s National Competition Regulator Rules Booking.com’s ‘Best Price’ Clause Anticompetitive

Whilst they may have the marketing slogan Booking.yeah Germany's National Competition Regulator, the Bundeskartellamt says Booking.no! Further to their January 2015 ruling that HRS's 'best price'...
Triptease Price Check Widget

Booking.com Threaten Legal Action Against Triptease & Partners

Triptease: Booking.com Update, April 27, 2016 In November 2015, Booking.com contacted a number of Triptease partners to discourage them from using our direct booking tools. They...