Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Social Media


Twitter, Hotel Concierge, and The Connected Traveler

Not that long ago, a vacation used to mean unwinding and unplugging; turning off work emails and living in the present. Even as recently as 2013, the...

4 Essential Checks for your Hotels Facebook Page

After your hotels official website, it's Facebook brand page is probably one of the next most important digital platforms, and offers a great opportunity for hotels to...

How Tourism Businesses Can Use Hashtags to Target Guests

Hashtags are essentially a free advertising tool. When they’re used properly, you can reach hundreds of potential customers on platforms like Facebook and Twitter. But you don’t actually...

Apex Hotels: why social media isn’t just another sales channel

As this Year’s Edinburgh International Festival drew to a close social media lit up as patrons and locals captured in glorious social detail the Virgin Money Fireworks...

The Value of Social Media Infographic (Shire Hotels)

It would be a brave hotelier that hasn't embraced social media in this day and age. Shire Hotels haven't just embraced social at a marketing level, they've...

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