Zagrebška cesta 102, Maribor, Slovenia
102 Zagrebška cesta Maribor Upravna enota Maribor 2000 SI

Electronic Door Locks & Hotel Automation

Andivi offers Hotel Automation products that allow for a great guest experience. We can provide you with electronic door locks, access control, hotel room thermostats, energy saving switches and much more. We believe guest experiences should be simple and efficient.

Access Control – Electronic door locks or RFID reader

At Andivi we provide you with two options for access control to guest rooms. With the help of the RFID reader integrated into a beautifully designed the electronic door lock OR with an RFID reader for your existing door lock.

Energy Saving Switch

The Andivi Energy Saving switch is a simple and multi-usable card holder that can turn off the AC (Air Conditioning) and cut the power supply and turn off the lights in the room while no guests are present. This allows the hotel operator to save an enormous amount of money on electricity, which makes the ROI of the device almost immediate.

The Energy Saving switch from Andivi can be programmed to work with a specific room card or a every hotel card.

Thermostats & Room Controllers

Andivi Thermostats and Room Controllers are simple to friendly and simple to use. With a variety of connecting options they can be programmed to fit the energy needs and expectations of the hoetel. All Andivi thermostats are Modbus thermostats and can be connected to a building management system. This means that you can control and monitor temeprature and fan speed from the reception.


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