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Have you ever noticed that every hotel’s website has a bland, generic, and static local area page? In a world where hotel websites have become commoditized with few points of differentiation despite this being their most profitable channel, this highlights a major missed opportunity to attract prospective guests and start building relationships while they’re still in consideration.

A recent Google Travel study found that less than 10% of travelers book lodging with the brand that they initially set out to book, meaning a hotel’s website is its storefront that needs to convince prospective guests that its a trusted brand worth their treasured dollars and precious time.

Top hospitality brands like Marriott and Airbnb see this opportunity and are investing millions in developing rich content to tell stories that market their locales through dynamic digital experiences. The problem is that unless you’re on the corporate team at a major brand, how can you possibly keep up without the resources to devote to expensive web developers and copy writers?

CityKey’s platform enables hotels to engage and entice guests through branded interactive city guides that market your locale to prospects while delivering a best in class digital concierge experience to guests. We seamlessly pair content with technology to create an accessible turnkey solution for hoteliers to maximize their digital presence and keep pace with the best brands in the industry at a fraction of the cost.

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