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Why Hoteliers In The US Love Hotelogix

The true test (and victory) for any software, in this day and age of rapid tech advancements, is when the users come forward to share their success stories with the world. And the sense of elation is even stronger when the system helps them attain their key business goals. Over the past decade or so, Hotelogix cloud PMS has helped thousands of properties the world over, conquer their business challenges and has gained the trust of several hoteliers in the process.

This is especially true in the case of hoteliers in the United States, where our product is loved for various reasons. We are both humbled and thrilled to share with you some of the key reasons why hoteliers in the US love the Hotelogix and how they derive value out of our cloud-based Property Management System.

Increased Revenue

Having a solid cloud-based hotel management system can help independent hotels increase their revenue in many direct and indirect ways. Automation of daily operations helps you –

  • focus on more impactful tasks like delivering impeccable guest experience
  • distribute better and sell more rooms via channel manager and OTAs
  • Manage multiple POSs on a single screen
  • Make intelligent pricing decisions with dynamic pricing

These are just some of the ways in which our cloud-based hotel PMS help hoteliers increase their revenue.

Hear it from our customer:

“Since implementing Hotelogix cloud-based PMS, we have seen a revenue growth of 40%. The value that they have added to my business is incredible, just incredible! They are committed to my success!”

Dee Ping, Owner, Fountain Inn

Increase Hotel Occupancy

This is, perhaps, one of the most pressing issues for any hotelier, in any part of the world. Increasing occupancy is as simple with the right measures in place, as it may appear complex. A cloud Hotel Management System like Hotelogix helps hoteliers address this challenge in multiple ways.

We connect you to most leading channel managers who in turn connect with world-class OTAs, allowing you to reach a wider network of audience, online. We help you with a web booking engine that could change the game for hoteliers, when it comes to getting more direct bookings. We also help hoteliers get a hold on their online reputation, which in turn helps increase occupancy. We also empower you to be able to sell more rooms by pricing your rooms intelligently with dynamic pricing.

Hear it from our customer:

“Thanks to Hotelogix, we are better able to track the status of each room’s availability. The channel manager and the GDS integration help us maintain maximum occupancy throughout the year. The cloud-based PMS makes all our rooms available online which helps us stay fully booked.”

Mike Brown, General Manager, Topsail Shores Inn

Integrations with best in class third-party solutions

Hotelogix is a comprehensive, end-to-end Property Management System which integrates with best-in-class third-party solutions to cater to your every business requirement- channel managers, revenue managers, accounting systems, in-room devices, POS systems, reputation management tools, business intelligence, and what have you!

Take a look at the Hotelogix Marketplace now to see for yourself!

When you have a dynamic PMS, that integrates with the best solutions, to support your hotel management, success is certain.

“I have experienced incremental revenue benefits, with a 10% increase in bookings within a month of implementing TripConnect with Hotelogix.”

Paul Covell, owner, Hotel Dylan

“We started using ReviewExpress with Hotelogix in August 2014 and since then we have seen an increase of almost 300% in the number of reviews coming in. We attribute this success to the automated review collection strategy enabled by the Hotelogix and Review Express integration.” John Pribble, owner, German Village Guest House

Conclusion: For a hotel business to be profitable, several strategic and tactical aspects need to come together and work in harmony, and this is where a Property Management System becomes a game changer. The need to invest in an all-in-one PMS is more grave today, given the number of tools there are in the market. Hoteliers cannot afford to work in silos anymore. Contrarily, when several integrations come together under the umbrella of an efficient Hotel Management System, it creates an enormous positive impact on the business.

Try Hotelogix to understand the true potential of a Property Management System and why several hoteliers across the US love our product so much!

Hotelogix’s Hotel Management System is being currently used in 100+ countries. Known as the world's easiest Hotel Management System to get started with, it enables hotels to migrate to the cloud in just a minute

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