Thursday, June 20, 2024

Transforming Technological Solutions in Hospitality: AxisRooms-Hotelogix Join Forces to Deliver Exceptional Service

AxisRooms, a hotel business distribution company, and Hotelogix, a leading hotel management solutions enterprise, have merged their business operations to offer a unified full-stack solution. This partnership guarantees unmatched service delivery and innovative technology to hoteliers across the world.

AxisRooms was founded in 2011 with the intention to boost hotel business distribution using breakthrough technology. It has been awarded the Premier Status for 2021 Connectivity Partnership with for five years in a row. Anil Kumar Prasanna, CEO of AxisRooms emphasized that the future of hotel technology needs to be open and accessible to every hotel partner or technology provider. “If hotels want the full range of services or just a part of the stack, we want the technology to integrate as seamlessly as possible and be available to all partners.”, he added.

With a mission to enhance the accessibility of technology to small and mid-sized hoteliers, Hotelogix was founded in 2008 and has been recognized as the Best Reservations Software by This merger aims to develop a no-compromise, one-stop solution that empowers the smart hotelier. Prabhash Bhatnagar, founder of Hotelogix explains “Our decade-plus experience has given us a presence in more than 100 countries. The merger will add to our arsenal of offerings and will help fuel our growth in many of these geographies quickly.” Aditya Sanghi, CEO of Hotelogix further elaborated “With this merger, we will have a wide range of solutions to offer which will give superior value to our customers. This definitely gives us a huge competitive edge against our competitors at a global level”.

AxisRooms-Hotelogix together has a cumulative customer base across 100+ countries, catering to 10,000+ hospitality businesses from hotels, resorts, and hostels to campsites, villas, vacation rentals, and enterprises. With over 200 employees, AxisRooms-Hotelogix has emerged to become one of the largest SaaS providers in the hospitality sector for the Asia-Pacific market.  Together AxisRooms and Hotelogix aim to build an ecosystem that not only drives growth but also innovation.

The Comprehensive Advantage

From the very get-go, Hotelogix and AxisRooms have shared a common goal— to empower hoteliers with the best management solutions. AxisRooms-Hotelogix wanted to go the extra mile and simplify each aspect of a hotel’s operation with a centralized approach. Hotels need multiple systems to efficiently handle the guest lifecycle from pre-booking to post-checkout. Without an integrated system, hoteliers often complain of broken user-experience, delayed implementation, and fragmented support.

With this merger, AxisRooms-Hotelogix addressed this problem statement by curating a 360-degree hospitality solution, the first of its kind for hotels globally. This solution will not only give greater value but also delivers a completely seamless experience to hotels. The offerings of this partnership include- a powerful Cloud-based PMS with a versatile Channel Manager. This unique product enables hoteliers to maximize their revenues through a centralized platform. By streamlining reservation status and room availability, this property management system (PMS) reduces the chances of overbooking. The intelligent revenue management system generates reports with actionable insights based on competitor analysis and travel trends. Equipped with an award-winning support team, AxisRooms-Hotelogix have partnered to offer an easy-to-use SAAS product for hoteliers to empower them to make smarter decisions.

With the ideal blend of two powerful leaders in hotel solutions and their innovative initiatives, AxisRooms-Hotelogix is the most reliable go-to hospitality solution for hoteliers across the world.

Hotelogix’s Hotel Management System is being currently used in 100+ countries. Known as the world's easiest Hotel Management System to get started with, it enables hotels to migrate to the cloud in just a minute

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