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Advertisement Threaten Legal Action Against Triptease & Partners

Triptease: Update, April 27, 2016

In November 2015, contacted a number of Triptease partners to discourage them from using our direct booking tools. They were able, based on extensive legal checks, to reassure them that they weren’t doing anything wrong. was removed from Triptease tools for just a few weeks to give hotel partners time to respond to their concerns. have been back on the Triptease Price Check widget since January 2016 and they have received no further complaints.

Read the original article below:, the OTA behemoth with a reported 700,000+ properties under contract, appear to be threatening legal action against Travel SaaS start-up, Triptease. Triptease are the provider of price comparison tool ‘Price Check’, allowing hotels to show a price comparison of their direct rates versus three OTAs (, and within their own booking engine. They claim it has resulted in an increase of up to 35% in direct bookings for their clients.

In emails to hotel partners seen by Hotel Speak, appear to be claiming that Triptease’s tool is “unlawfully accessing’s data”, furthermore suggesting that “ price and availability information shown by the widget is often misleading, inaccurate and misrepresents the prices and availability being offered for rooms at your hotel on”.

They go on to state that they’ve instructed external lawyers to pursue this matter with Triptease and imply that they are willing to take legal action against Partners who continue to feature rates within the Triptease tool beyond a cut off date of November 27th, citing potential breaches of parity agreements.

Whether this is a widely circulated correspondence to Partners using Triptease remains to be seen (Hotel Speak is aware of a number of hotels having received this email) but the outcome of any legal proceedings could be far reaching within the industry; Triptease claim to work with 6,468 hotels worldwide.

Has your property received a request from Let us know in the comments below or email if you’d prefer to remain anonymous.


Some hoteliers are reporting that they received calls from (instead of emails) forcing them to remove the Triptease Price Check tool from their site.

Triptease Respond

Hotel Speak approached Triptease for comment;

“It has come to light that many of our customers have received threatening letters from These letters make various demands of the hotels, for example that they remove the brand from the widget or remove the widget altogether. has threatened hotels with punishments such as legal action, reduced visibility, or termination of their partnership. We think this is highly unreasonable,” said GM EMEA at Triptease, James Osmond.

“We have taken legal advice and remain confident that we have done nothing wrong other than try to provide price transparency and convenience for consumers. We have been in touch with since learning about these letters. We haven’t heard back yet,” he added.

“A number of clients have expressed their frustration and disappointment at’s letter and it has been very heartening to hear many say they won’t give in to the demands of a company that wields fearsome market power”.

Triptease has a number of measures in place for any hotels that wish to continue increasing their direct bookings using the Price Check Widget. Contact to find out more.

A full transcript of the email from for reference;

Dear Partner,

At we pride ourselves in conducting our business in an ethical matter. This business conduct is throughout our business including the respect we take in our accommodation partnership agreements through to the display of all types of information towards our growing new and existing customer base. It is our belief that we should achieve the right results the right way.

We understand that you are currently making use of a TripTease ‘Price Check Widget’ on your website.

We believe that TripTease is unlawfully accessing’s data in order to collate the information shown by the widget. Moreover, we wanted to make you aware that the price and availability information shown by the widget is often misleading, inaccurate and misrepresents the prices and availability being offered for rooms at your hotel on As you will know, misleading comparative advertising is a breach of European law in the European Union and in many other jurisdictions around the world.

We have instructed our external lawyers to pursue this matter with TripTease. We are prepared to take whatever action is necessary to protect, our reputation and our data. For the avoidance of doubt, this includes taking legal action against our Partners to the extent they are in breach of their contracts with us – although we hope that will not be necessary.

In some cases, the TripTease widget suggests that the price of booking a room direct is cheaper than the price offered through As you know, pursuant to your contract with us, you are required to provide with parity in respect of the prices for your rooms. If you are not currently providing with the correct prices in accordance with your contract, we ask that you do so immediately.

If you are providing us with the correct prices, it may be that the widget is simply not capable of making the correct price comparison and is therefore failing to show an accurate price for the comparable reservation with Nevertheless, by displaying any such inaccurate prices on your website, you are engaging in the misleading comparative advertising practices referred to above.

As such, we require you, as our Partner, to remove the brand and rates from the widget on your website prior to Friday 27 November 2015. If you are unable to do this, we ask that you remove the TripTease widget from your website entirely. Please confirm by immediate return letter or email to your local account manager that you will, and will continue to, comply with our request.

To the extent that you do not reply or fail to comply with our reasonable requests in this regard,’s rights are reserved – including to take such legal action as we deem necessary.

We also wish to take the opportunity to reiterate that you are an important Partner to and we value our relationship with you. Indeed, we look forward to it continuing into the future.

Yours faithfully,

Hotel Speak
Hotel Speak
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