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5 Things Hoteliers Can Learn From Airbnb Listings

Airbnb encourages their hosts to be really descriptive in their listings. Details help set expectations, so it’s good to be as clear as you can be. For accommodation owners, this can be beneficial to have on your website. Having a clear description of your accommodation and the area it’s situated in, will help those guests make an informed decision. These are a few tips Airbnb hosts use when writing about their room or space listing:

1. Tell guests about your location

The location of your accommodation is key to deciding if a guest will stay with you. Let them know any attractions or places of interests that are walking distance, or suggest easy public transport alternatives to local attractions.

2. List all the amenities you have to offer

Each guest has different expectations when it comes to amenities. List all that you offer, so guests have a clear idea of what they can expect to have access to when they stay. If you have shared facilities e.g. a shared space for coffee and tea, make that clear too.

3. Professional photos

Great photos can really sell your property. Have professional photos taken of each space and room. Giving guests detailed photos of your space can help them decide if the property will be a right fit for them. Professional photos also look great in any promotional material. Had high quality video produced for your hotel? Even better.

4. Accuracy

Describe your property accurately. Honesty is the best policy, and being descriptive about the rooms and giving an approximate size of the room will help guests feel more informed. This will mean they have adequate expectations of what they can expect to experience. Managed expectations leads to better TripAdvisor reviews as guests have a better idea of the experience they’ll have at your property.

5. Tell your story

Guests love to stay at a property where the staff are welcoming and helpful, and they love to know who they’re staying with. Add a bit of personality to your About Us page and let them know why you look forward to having them stay with you, and what got you involved in the accommodation industry.

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